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Cordy sees a woman struggling against blue-robed figures that are dragging her out of a car. She describes that much before the vision hits again, this time showing people trapped in a cage, and a red stone bird. Cordy relates, "They're taking people and -- whoa. Big bird?" End vision. Gunn is confused, and Cordy snaps, "Not the Muppet, dumb-ass." I think somebody just remembered that this show is on at nine. Wesley asks where the attack is happening, and Cordy says it's at "Lafayette Park, near the fountain." Wesley and Gunn head for the door, but Angel leans over Cordy and asks, "Are you --?" Cordy recoils and insists, "Fine." Angel starts to follow his other sidekicks while instructing Cordy to take off and get some rest. He also backs into a pole, proving that he's ready to add "bumbling" to his repertoire. Before exiting, he has one more suggestion: "Order Chinese!"

An indefinite amount of time later, Cordy is getting ready to leave. For no particular reason, she suddenly looks creeped out at being alone in the large, empty, occasionally demon-infested hotel. She starts calling out, "hello?" and it really would help to know why she thinks someone might be there. Other than because someone is there, of course. A shadow moves behind her; she spins, and then screams in surprise upon seeing Harmony standing there. Hugs and compliments are exchanged. Harmony says that Cordy's hair "looks adorable off [her] neck." Heh. Harmony quizzes Cordy on her job, so Cordy briefly explains that she manages the office before asking why Harmony is in Los Angeles. Harmony says, "Just broke up with someone. Real smothering relationship. You know, the kind where they just can't live without you." Cordy grits her teeth and says, "Oh, sure. That one. Hate that." Poor Cordy. She goes on to ask whether Harmony has somewhere to stay. Harmony asks, "You offering?" Cordy grins, "Do I have to say it?" and Harmony reveals all five thousand of her giant teeth as she says, "Yeah!"

Angel, Wesley, and Gunn arrive at the smashed car. Wesley starts directing the others to search the park, but upon hearing cries in the distance, Angel volunteers to "follow the screaming woman." They race over to where the woman is struggling with a green-robed attacker. The bad guy sees them approaching, so he picks the woman up and tosses her at them. Angel catches the woman, hands her to Wesley, and joins Gunn in battle-mode. Gunn manages to pull down the hood of the robe to reveal that he's fighting a vampire. Gunn quips, "What you wanna go hiding such a pretty face for?" and starts pummeling. When the vamp makes a break for it, Gunn pulls off the robe, and the vamp runs straight into Angel. As he's staked, an elephant trumpets in the distance. Well, that's what it sounded like to me. Gunn looks at the robe he's holding as they head back to where Wesley is masterfully comforting the traumatized woman. Gunn notes that Cordelia described blue robes, but that the one he's holding is green. Wesley says that it's dark, so maybe Cordelia misjudged the color. Angel insists, "I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt before just condemning her like that." Angel, there's no point in sucking up to someone who isn't around to appreciate it. Gunn and Wesley stare at him. Gunn walks off to check for more vamps. Wesley finds a badge on the robe, and shows it to Angel. It's a triangle surrounding a snake curled into a 2. I didn't know vampires had merit badges. Wesley pulls out a phone and says he'll ask Cordelia to try to identify the symbol. Angel hesitantly mentions that he gave Cordy the night off to recover from her vision. He's up to "H," although I guess "hesitant" isn't technically an emotion. He abruptly asks if he should send her some flowers, "to say 'thanks,' and 'sorry about the migraines.' You know, 'I appreciate you.'" Wesley snarks, "By all means. And while you're at it, pick me up one of those 'sorry you were shot in the gut' bouquets!" I'm never going to understand why it's Angel's fault that Wesley got shot. Wesley says that Angel can't buy Cordy's trust or affection. He will be proved terribly wrong later, which pleases me. Angel hops straight to "morose" in his handbook and mutters, "She said we're not friends, Wesley." Wesley advises Angel to give her time: "She's got a lot of pain to work through."

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