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Before Cordy can say anything, Angel takes her by the arm and pulls her away. Cordy snaps, "Touching! With the hand!" Angel gingerly suggests that Harmony isn't really suited for work with them. Cordy insists that it's temporary, and that the job is giving Harmony a reason to go on. Angel says, "I don't want her going on. And neither should you. She's the enemy." He goes on to say that Harmony will turn on Cordy, and Cordy asks, "Why? Because you did?" Ouch. There's some more back and forth that makes for a dull recap, climaxing when Cordy sarcastically says, "You're better than her because you have a soul." Angel, and half of the home audience, say, "Well, yeah!" Things get personal, and Cordy grouses, "You didn't just betray me, Angel. You didn't just hurt me. You gave away my clothes!" Angel tries to ameliorate things by saying, "To the needy," instead of, for instance, "Yes, I gave away your ugly, ugly clothes, because I care about you and can't stand seeing you dressed like a prostitute for the colorblind!" Which was probably wise on his part. Cordelia snaps, "I am the needy!" With her iBook. She asks, "Do you know how scared I was [that] you were on your way to becoming Angelus again? Imagine what could've happened if you'd gone nuts and slept with Darla!" Angel can't meet her eyes, but he doesn't hesitate in saying, "You know I would never do that." Heh. Gunn and Wesley cut off the conversational catharsis by saying that they can't get into the building. Angel offers to go in posing as a recruit. Gunn says that Angel would be recognized, which makes more sense than Wesley's comment that "some can sense [Angel's] soul." Because, if so, Angel sure did get lucky when no one noticed him at the bite club in "Redefinition." Cordy suggests sending Harmony in for some reconnaissance. Gunn impersonates Han Solo by saying, "I've got a bad feeling about this." Harmony is hesitant, too, but Cordy convinces her that this is her big chance to find a purpose. Wesley finally approves the plan, in case someone cares about his opinion. Harmony puts on her game face as she says, "Watch out, evil; here comes Harmony."

Inside the theater, Harmony is led through an alcove filled with books. Her guide hands her one, so that we can see that the book is titled Selective Slaughter: Turning a Blood Bath into a Blood Bank. Must be one of those vanity-press things. She heads into the theater, where Doug is motivating away. Up on the stage, a vampire named Tibor is "graduating to the yellow level" and slipping into a shiny new robe. Doug raises the screen and encourages Tibor to choose a victim from the caged victims. I really don't get what's in this for the vampires. Best not to analyze the premise too closely, I guess. The MoG lurk in an alley and wonder what's taking so long. Angel says that if Harmony's been captured, they'll rescue her. He's gotten all the way to "unctuous" in his quest for Cordelia's forgiveness. Gunn responds, "Now we saving a vampire from vampires? I got two words for that: 'nuh' and 'uh.'" Harmony finally appears, and reports that there are about one hundred vampires inside, along with a dozen caged humans. She adds that she left a back door into the theater open. Everyone troops inside while Harmony yammers on about how grateful she is to Cordelia for this opportunity.

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