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Cordy is curled up on the floor as she wakes up. Cordelia is spending a lot of this episode waking up, isn't she? She gets up and sees that there's a Skilosh behind her. And then she realizes that she can see the Skilosh that's behind her, and rushes for a mirror. Sure enough, there's an eye in the back of her head. Cordy looks grossed out, as well she should. It sounds dumb to say that Charisma Carpenter conveys "yuck!" well, but she does. I just can't say enough nice things about her acting. Just as I can't say enough nasty things about her outfits. It balances out, right?

Gunn and Wesley and Angel are in the Angelmobile. I noticed it in the scene with Wesley, too, but Angel has this habit of steering with one hand on the top of the wheel, plus he's constantly turning slightly to his left. It's as if all the streets in Los Angeles have a slight curve. Angel glances in the rear-view mirror and Wesley asks what's wrong. Angel unconvincingly says that it's nothing. Gunn says, "So, you had an epiphany, did you?" There's #3. Angel admits that he did, and Gunn asks, "So, what, you just wake up and bang?" Angel uncomfortably says, "Sorta the other way around." These are cheap, obvious jokes. I don't care, though, because they make me laugh. Gunn stares at Angel for a second, and it's unclear whether he understands Angel or not as he says it's good that Angel can have them. He continues, "Because, you know, epiphanies -- they handy. When you think you might be havin' another one?" I'm not gonna bother inserting "[sic]" into the stuff that Gunn says, or I'd be here all night. Oh and: #4. Gunn says, "You know, 'cause they could strike at any time. Could be it'll happen the next time you run into one of them lawyers, you'll get all epiphanied-off right back at 'em." And, #5. Angel simply says, "No." Gunn is unconvinced, and concludes with, "I hope you don't go havin' another one 'fore we get to Cordelia. 'Cause if something happens to her, I mean, somethin' bad? I might just have me an epiphany." Right, because this situation is Angel's fault. Jeez. I hate it when I'm forced to defend Angel, but sheesh. Oh, and #6.

Luckily, the tension is defused when a Skilosh suddenly lands on the back of the Angelmobile and begins attacking Wesley. Where did it come from? Do the Skilosh have cars? Does this make sense? Oh, who cares? What I like about this scene is that Angel is completely calm as he drives on while Wesley and Gunn fight off the demon and throw it out of the car. He doesn't even look behind him. Once the Skilosh is in the street, Angel does brake to a stop, though. I half-expect him to say, "What's going on back there?" The Skilosh stands and several more rush out to join it in the street as Wesley encourages Angel to get a move on. Instead, Angel gets out of the car and says, "You guys go ahead." Because if he doesn't fight the Skilosh off, they could run really, really fast and catch up with his car. And it would be much harder to avoid them while in control of a large vehicle, so it makes perfect sense instead to choose to fight a whole pack of demons without any weapons. By the way, how did all the Skilosh know that this particular street was a good place for an ambush? Angel tries to explain (his decision, not the entire situation) by saying, "If we don't take them out, they'll flank us once we get to the house." Can they actually move as fast as a car can? If not, that statement is clearly false. And if the Skilosh can move that fast, why are they taking their sweet time approaching the car? I'm sorry, I'd like this to make sense, really, but this episode seems pretty determined to avoid sense wherever possible. Angel assures Gunn and Wesley that he'll meet them at the house, and off they go. Angel slowly walks toward the demons. He's holding a big axe that I guess he picked up at the MoG's office. Or maybe he keeps it in the Angelmobile. The Skilosh look at him, then suddenly scatter away. Angel turns around as a rusty old red Ford truck races up and plows into him. Oh, that Lindsey, with his jealous redneck rage.

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