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Cordelia watches as the Skilosh discuss the pros and cons of laser surgery. When she starts edging away, one of the Skilosh turns around and growls at her. Cordy nervously says, "I'm guessing 'Hey, look behind you!' [is] really not gonna work, is it?" The Skilosh says, "Two more have been destroyed." Cordy worries that Gunn and Wesley have been killed, then catches on and realizes that two of the Skilosh died. At first she's happy, then she pretends to sympathize with the Skilosh point of view. Skiloshian point of view? Skiloshoid (TM Crichton) point of view? The Skilosh hisses, "More must risssssssse!" and Cordy is pushed onto her knees by two other Skilosh. Cordy complains, "Listen, I was impregnated with demon spawn before, and let's just say, didn't really work out!" The lead Skilosh pokes out his three-pronged tongue at her. Cordy's pushed down, and the lead demon inserts his tongue into her skull as she screams in pain. I can't believe that this line from the shooting script was cut: "I just finally got my hair to where I really like it!" So I'll share it here, 'cause I thought something similar.

We pan over the door to "Angel Investigations -- The Next Generation." According to the sign, their hours are: Monday through Thursday, 10-6; Friday, 10-9; Saturday, 9-9; closed Sundays. At least, I think that's the MoG's hours. Maybe it's for a neighbor. Who knows? Who cares? Why did I mention it in the first place? So many questions. Wesley peers outside as Angel returns from a back room and declares that Cordy isn't there. Headlights illuminate Wesley briefly, and he comments, "That's the third time that truck's passed by." Angel speculates that Cordy might be out on a date, or with friends. Wesley doubts that, and Angel points out, "It's Friday night." He adds, "We are talking about the same Cordelia Chase, right?" Wesley says, "That's correct," in case we actually thought they might be talking about two different people with the same name. Is Wesley unfamiliar with the concept of rhetorical questions? Angel continues, "Knowing her..." and Wesley interrupts, "But you don't. For months now, you haven't cared to." Wesley says that Cordy has changed: "She's not the vain and carefree creature she once was. Well, certainly not carefree." Then Wesley has to beat the point into our skulls by talking about how the visions force Cordy to feel other people's pain, and so she has to try and help them, and has no time for shallow pursuits. He adds, "You'd have known that if you hadn't had your head firmly up that isn't on top of your neck." Angel says that they need to find Cordy, and Wesley agrees, saying, "She could be in grave danger." Angel quietly says, "Even if she's not..." Then the soundtrack changes, and Angel realizes that this means something is about to come through the door. They turn off the lights and hide, and then someone enters, and there's meant to be suspense, but we all know it's just Gunn.

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