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Which it is. Asked why he's there, he explains that he saw the lights were on as he passed by. He adds, "Besides, I work here." Wesley explains that he'd thought Gunn had gone, and Gunn replies, "Well, yeah, gone, but that doesn't mean I wasn't coming back." He looks at Angel and adds, "You didn't think I was gonna abandon you like this guy, did you?" There really is no reason for Gunn to be as bitter towards Angel as Wesley and Cordy are, and I don't buy it for a second. Gunn doesn't have the same history with Angel, plus he apparently treated his own Found Boys the same way. I can't even accept it as solidarity, since Gunn doesn't seem the type to go along with group-think. Whatever. Gunn says, "C'mon, English, you know you my man!" And then Gunn and Wesley do a big hand-slapping hip thingamabob. Angel finally speaks up to say, "So, uh, I see you guys have bonded." Gunn says that happens when you fight shoulder-to-shoulder, and Wesley chirps, "Or rather, hip-to-shoulder, these days." Gunn says that Wesley took a bullet for him. Wesley says it was no big deal, and the hand-slapping is repeated. Angel looks totally flummoxed. Wesley is just letting Angel see him suck up to someone new, showing him that he's not that stupid little person still in awe of Angel.

Finally, Gunn asks, "So, what's he doing here?" Wesley is dying to say, "He thought he'd just drop by, and he expects me to be free, but now I'm saving all my sycophantin' for someone who's nicer to me!" But he doesn't. Angel explains that Cary told him his friends were in danger. Gunn pointedly repeats his question, directing it to Wesley. Wesley smirks, "He had an epiphany." That's #2. Wesley explains about the Skilosh demons, and Angel interrupts: "I saved him!" Gunn ignores Angel and gets the story from Wesley. He also asks where Cordy is, and Wesley admits that they don't know. "You checked her pad?" Gunn asks, heading for the desk. Angel says, "I stopped there earlier." Gunn replies, "You enjoying your visit to 1973? I meant her message pad." Gunn is so tall. Wow. As Gunn flips through the message pad, Angel grabs a pencil and suggests that Gunn can rub it over the pad to discover what Cordy wrote on it. Gunn says, "Or we could just read the carbon." Heh. Poor Angel. But to be fair -- carbon? Speaking of 1973 -- who has pads with carbon paper? Gunn and Wesley figure out that the pad has directions to the Sharps' house. Gunn adds, "Looks like she wrote that down tonight." Um? This is the kind of carbon paper that comes with a time/date stamp? Sure. Wesley plans for the worst, and tells Gunn to grab the "deoculation powder." Angel tries to be the voice of reason, and asks, "Does it make sense that she would go there in the middle of the night without calling either one of you?" Wesley and Gunn chorus, "They owed us money." "Let's go!" Angel declares. Blipvert.

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