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Rebecca looks around Angel's office curiously, and notices that he's "not fond of sunshine." She confirms that Angel has never seen On Your Own, and invites him to come by for a private screening "of the episode I didn't win the Emmy for." Angel rolls his eyes along with me, and thanks her for the invitation. Then Rebecca says she's been famous since she was fourteen, so it's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't care about her celebrity status. Angel says, as if he's contradicting her, "Seems like you're surrounded by people who care about you." Rebecca says, "They work for me; they're paid to care." Am I the only one who was really confused by this conversation? We finally get to the point as Rebecca pulls out a pile of threatening letters she's been getting. One of them reads, "I will make you love me. You will see me but I won't speak to you unless you see me There is no other way!" She says her stalker sends her notes written in blood and calls her on her private phone in the middle of the night. Did you consider changing your number? Angel interrupts to tell her that the letters aren't written in blood, and asks if she's called the cops. She explains that Oliver has told her to, but she doesn't want the tabloids to pick up the story. Changing topics at random, Rebecca says that she's up for a new TV show, and that she needs peace of mind. Angel describes the car that almost hit her and says he ran the license plates, and it was stolen. Then he explains he can't take her case. I guess because he only works for blonde stalking victims. Outside, we hear Cordy squeal, "Are you insane?" and then try to cover it by issuing a fake sneeze. Angel tells Rebecca, "You don't need me."

Cordy lectures Angel about throwing out "my first big connection in Hollywood." Wesley tries to interrupt, and Cordy whines, "He can fight off donkey demons that rip people's guts out, but he can't help one defenseless actress from [sic] a psycho?" Heh -- donkey demons. That's a little joke for people who remember "Lonely Hearts." The script is chock full of references to past episodes, ain't it? Wesley calmly explains to Cordelia, "He likes her. He's afraid of getting close." What is there to like about that bony, self-absorbed little -- oh, that's right, he liked Buffy, too. Wesley suggests that they find someone else who can help Rebecca. Then Cordy begins holding her head as if seeing a vision and groans, "It's Rebecca! She's in danger! Terrible danger!" She looks up to see that no one's buying it, and grumbles, "Because Mr. Distant has intimacy issues, I lose my brush with fame." She unexpectedly channels Jerry Lewis, claiming that "Just knowing a star makes your life better," and says she'd give anything to live in Rebecca's world.

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