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There's a blipvertette as we cut to Wesley at the office the next day, telling Cordelia that Angel called earlier and said he'd taken Rebecca's case. Cordy is surprised that Angel changed his mind, and Wesley says that apparently Angel had been keeping tabs on Rebecca "all along," although it's unclear what that means, since there's no indication as to how much time passed between Rebecca leaving the office and the attack at her house. Cordy asks when Angel called, and whether he spent the night with Rebecca. Wesley wonders if Cordy is worried about the curse. Yes, she is. Duh. Wesley insists that "Angel's moment of perfect happiness occurred because he was with Buffy." I make uncontrollable gagging noises as he continues, "Do you realize how rare that is? True happiness? And what are the odds he'd find it with an actress?" Cordy starts to get huffy, and Wesley tries to explain that he meant television actress. Cordy insists that she owes it to Rebecca to make sure that Angel didn't end up "chowing down on my one link to fame."

While Angel heads down the stairs, Cordy knocks at one of Rebecca's sliding glass doors, which is further evidence that Rebecca should invest in some better security. Angel says, "Cordelia, you're here!" Then he adds, "And you brought a cross," in less enthusiastic tones as he notices what's hanging around her neck. It's hard not to notice, since it's about six inches tall. Heh. Cordy points out that she also brought coffee, because it wouldn't be Angel if they didn't mention coffee. Then Cordy cheerfully adds, "Judging by the outfit, I'd say it's safe to come in. Evil Angel never would have worn those pants." After establishing that Rebecca went out to lunch, Cordy begins sorting through some mail lying on a table. Angel stops her from poking through a cabinet and explains that he told Rebecca that he's a vampire. Cordy is stunned momentarily before asking, "Do you think she'd still set me up with her manager?"

Blipvert. At a restaurant, Oliver tells Rebecca that she looks great. Rebecca stops short and asks, "They cancelled, didn't they?" Oliver says there was a scheduling conflict, and their meeting is postponed, but the mysterious "they" want Rebecca to come in and read for a part. "Read?" Rebecca repeats, and presumably she's shocked that anyone would dare to ask a star like herself to actually demonstrate her ability, but with her lack of books I can't help but wonder if maybe she just never learned to read.

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