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Angel is surprised to see Rebecca descending the stairs to his apartment, and comments, "I was just coming to see you." Rebecca mentions that she didn't know what to get him, "So I figured, what's better than Dom?" waving around a bottle of champagne. In the credit-where-it's-due department, Angel manages to look genuinely love-struck when he stares at Rebecca, even though I can't fathom what anyone could possibly like about her. Johanna says, "Angel is a smitten kitten." While Angel goes for glasses, Rebecca looks around the swinging bachelor cave, eyeing the bed pointedly. I feel a little queasy just writing the word "bed" in the same sentence as their names. "There's no coffin," Angel notes. Then he starts to break the news that the stalker isn't really a stalker. Rebecca says that she knows, and that Oliver hired him to help her career, but "It didn't work. I didn't get the part." No mention of whether she plans to fire Oliver for terrorizing her, regardless of his intentions, and I get the feeling she wouldn't have minded the whole plot if she'd gotten a new TV show out of the deal. Then Rebecca says, "This is so dumb... Have you ever done that thing where you link arms and sip champagne?" Wow, that is dumb, but Angel falls for it like the sap he is. After sipping, Rebecca laughs and knocks Angel's arm so that he spills his drink onto his shirt. Rebecca apologizes, but Angel laughs -- yes, laughs -- and says, "That's okay, it's kind of fun." Ew. I sigh with relief as Angel leaves the room to change, making it all the more upsetting when they flash a quick shot of him slipping his shirt off in the bedroom. While he's gone, Rebecca pulls a packet out of her bag and pours some kind of powder into his glass before refilling it. Angel returns, and takes his glass back as he sits by Rebecca. She says, "A toast: to the end of an ending, and the beginning of a beginning." Angel stares at her, perhaps trying to figure out if there is anything she could have said that would have sounded even more idiotic.

Wesley arrives at Cordelia's apartment and asks why she paged him. I wonder why he didn't call to find out, instead of taking the time to visit her in person. She explains that she went shopping with Rebecca, interjecting, "You know they close off stores for her?" Okay so she's famous enough that she's tabloid fodder, stores throw out shoppers to give her privacy, and fans line the street to see her, but she can't get a part on a TV show? I don't buy it. Cordy gets to the point, saying that Rebecca asked a lot of questions about Angel, like where he's from, what his favorite color is (oh come on, how hard would that be to guess?), and "The exact specific details on how someone can make themselves into a vampire." It seems that Cordy is wondering if Rebecca might "maneuver Angel into an exchange of bodily fluids in order to make herself eternally young and beautiful thus saving her failing career." Ew.

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