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At the desk, Wesley asks Fred how she feels. She digresses momentarily and then answers, "Kinda like a giant bug tried to rip my arm off, and Angel saved me." Trish says that Angel does that a lot, which she would know because...? Then Fred claims, "Angel's a champion, and Wesley's the brains of the operation, and Gunn's the muscle, and Cordy's the heart, and I'm..." She stops and looks worried. Perhaps she had a moment of clarity, and realized how little sense that made. Angel's the champion, but Gunn's the muscle? Aren't those the same job? And Cordy's the heart? Cordy? I can't even talk about Wesley. I think what she meant to say is, "Angel's the title character, Wesley's the lame comedy sidekick, Gunn's the lamentably underused good actor, Cordy's the girl in distress, and I'm here to make sure Gunn stays underused." Roger finally explains his ominous earlier remarks by saying they were getting ready to call the police "on a bunch of superheroes." Angel faux-bashfully insists that he's not a hero, just as Gunn gets called back to the set to say, "More like a bloodsucking fiend." Angel looks hurt, and Gunn smirks. Because his out-of-the-blue distrust for Angel's demonic nature has gone from a sore point to a source of good-natured ribbing. Roger thanks Angel for saving Fred, and somehow that leads Roger and Angel to discover a shared interest in golf trivia. Fred suddenly declares, "I want to go home." Everyone stops talking and looks at her. She explains, "If Angel hadn't gotten me out of the way, you'd all be laughing in the morgue right now. Maybe not laughing, but the point is, I think I should go home, where it's quiet, and safe, and monsters don't eat your family." She asks her parents if they're disappointed, and Trish smiles and insists that it'll be good to have her back home. The Burkle family has a group hug. Gunn sadly says, "She'll probably be happier there." Wesley reluctantly agrees.

Do you realize I could be watching Freaks right now? There's no justice. Fred's staring about her room as Angel pokes his head in. He asks how she is, and Fred answers, "Kinda weird and fizzy. But excited. A little sad. Thankful. Sort of cautiously happy. Relieved and worried at the same time. Slightly nauseous [sic] while still being hopeful." Angel looks around at the graffiti and asks if she'll remember all of her notes. Fred says she will, because it's a story. She turns to the walls and tells the story, which is a little fairy tale that I think could be summed up by saying -- can you guess? -- "Handsome man saved her from the monsters." In case we don't quite get it yet, she has more to say: "The minute they got back to the castle, the handsome man went away again. And even though she didn't mean to, didn't want to, high up in that castle tower, the girl just built herself another cave. Hoping he would save her again." She tells Angel that he can't save her this time. From what? From her loving parents? There aren't enough "whatever"s in the world for me right now.

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