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Daytime at the Hyperion. Everyone is helping paint over the walls of Fred's room. Are they going to help tidy up some other parts of the hotel? I mean, they might as well, while they're in the mood. And if it's just a matter of giving her a room free of nutzoid rambling on the wall, she could just move to one of the other empty rooms. Roger says, "Now, Spiro Agnew: I know he was a --" Angel interrupts: "A Grathnar demon! You knew that? I thought I was the only one that knew that!" Roger, not unreasonably, asks, "What else would he be but a demon?" Wesley wanders out to correct Gunn's painting style. Wesley has managed to get white paint on his arms, but none on his black shirt. Trish tells Gunn and Wesley not to fight, and they sulkily chorus, "Okay." Cordy enters with pizza and offers some to Fred. Fred says she just wants to finish one act of deep symbolism first. She picks up a roller and stares at a drawing of two people riding a dog. Horse! All right, I suppose it's Fred and Angel escaping the Pylean demons. After a minute, she paints over it as heartwarming music plays. I vomit.

Next week: who cares?

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