Guise Will Be Guise

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Ham in a Hard Role

Virginia and Wesley lay naked in bed. Wesley admires her completely unsmeared makeup. Cut to Wesley sneaking out of her room, fully (thank you, lord) dressed. A dressed Virginia kisses him goodbye, and before she's closed the door, Cordelia rushes up, gasping, "I found you!" Wesley asks how she got in, and she says that the guards let her in when she said she worked for Angel. She says, "You've got everybody scared around here, I'll tell you that. It's like they don't even know you're a Shemp." The closed captioning leaves that last line out, possibly because they couldn't make any sense of it. It took me a few times, I must admit. Okay, so Cordy is knowledgeable about the Three Stooges as well as the Marx Brothers. This is the very definition of "out of character." Virginia steps out, curious, and Cordy introduces herself. Wesley sends Virginia back into her room for his coat. Cordy suggests that this would be a good time to leave, but Wesley says he has a job to do. Cordy says that he has "delusions of Angel. You're not him. You can't do stuff on your own." Then she says, "Oh, crud," as Bryce and Benny approach. Wesley tries to cover by saying he asked Cordy to test the security. "Did you know your guards just let her in?" he asks. Bryce says he instructed the guards to do so, "because I wanted my daughter to hear someone call you by your real name." Virginia returns and asks what's going on. Bryce says, "I got a call from an anonymous friend with some information. This guy isn't Angel." Benny drags Wesley back toward an open window, and everyone watches as the sunlight fails to have any effect on him. Wesley gamely tries to insist, "It burns!" but gives it up. Virginia looks stunned. Wesley finally introduces himself. Virginia says, "I talked to you. I trusted you. You lied to me. Come to think of it, you actually put my life in danger!" Then she adds a not-at-all-needed note of pathos as she says, "I finally thought I had a friend." She hands Wesley his coat and walks back to her father. Bryce says, "You're going to get out of my house now, loser. And take the piece with you." A guard pushes them out as Cordy complains about being referred to as "the piece."

Downstairs, Benny tells Bryce, "You should have let me kill him." Bryce suddenly tosses Benny against a wall and shouts, "Never tell me what to do! Never! You brought me the wrong guy, you risked the whole sacrifice, you understand?" He steps into another room which contains a big papier-mâché altar, and says that the sacrifice is in a few hours. "This is the party of my life," Bryce says, bending over to toy with the manacles attached to the altar. In case we haven't grasped the scenario yet, Bryce adds, "Obviously, Virginia's too." Gosh. He's not just overprotective, he's also evil! The father! Being all evil to his own child! I am so beyond sick of this idea that I can't stand it. I miss the stalkers. Bring back the demented men who develop freakish superpowers so that they can stalk blondes. Please. And if you can't do that, could you at least not name the characters after significant plot points, because I figured that maybe Virginia's name might be significant three scenes ago. Thanks.

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