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Ham in a Hard Role

Back at the hotel, Cordy comforts Wesley by saying, "That was pretty humiliating, huh?" Wesley is too depressed to respond, "I could say the same thing about your shirt." Angel leads a still-dazed Gunn into the lobby, and Cordy asks what happened. Angel wants to know why Wesley is wearing his coat. No one explains, so Angel summarizes his adventures with the fake swami. Wesley asks who hired Not-Magev. Angel answers, "He wouldn't say. That is my coat, right?" Angel looks genuinely concerned about his jacket, which amuses me. Wesley figures that Lanier must have hired Not-Magev: "He thought that would keep Virginia unprotected. Then, when his men couldn't take me out, he tipped off Bryce that I wasn't Angel." Angel wonders, "What's going on? Were you in Virginia?" Wesley hesitates and says, "That's beside the point." That's not even a single entendre. That's a half-entendre. Cordy explains about Bryce trying to hire Angel. Wesley mentions that Bryce is having a big party that night: "Cake, ice cream, tributes to the goddess Yeska." Angel perks up, "I know Yeska -- she's no goddess." I expect him to continue by saying Yeska is this girl he went to high school with, and she's cute and all, but goddess is quite an exaggeration. Instead, he says, "She's a Davric demon." Isn't Wesley the demon expert? I guess he doesn't know them personally. Fine. Wesley does say, "Davric? They don't serve humans." He explains that Davric demons require a live sacrifice to nibble on in exchange for their services. We all figure it out. Eventually even Wesley does: "Bryce is going to sacrifice his own daughter!" Instead of immediately rushing to the rescue, they decide to use this time to resolve any remaining plot holes. Which I appreciate, so I won't ask why they can't wait till later. Cordy asks why Lanier wanted to kidnap Virginia. Angel says, "Bryce is gonna get a lot of power off this sacrifice." Well, that seems to be the only plot hole. For now. But there's a gigantic one directly in their path. Wesley orders, "Angel, you take Gunn, go to the front of the house. Cordelia and I will go to the back." Angel stops Wesley, and Wesley concedes that Angel is better at planning "this sort of thing." Angel ponders the situation, and declares, "Um, well, Gunn and I could...take the back." The dramatic music starts up and Wesley marches off. Angel trails him, asking, "Could I get my coat back?"

Let's get this party started. Virginia eyes the altar suspiciously and asks Benny if a girl is going to jump out of it. "Not really," Benny says. Bryce taps a spoon against a glass. He thanks everyone for coming and says, "My feelings run almost too deep for words, but I'll try to do this, and do it right." He lights a candle and says, "Yeska of the razor eyes and stone heart, take this offering." The lights dim as he goes on about casting his most precious emerald into the ocean. I suspect he's speaking metaphorically. Virginia says, "Daddy, what are you doing?" as if she doesn't know he's a wizard. Benny grabs Virginia's wrist and drags her to the altar, fastening the manacles. As Virginia protests, Bryce tells her, "Be a good girl. This is hard enough already." "He's really torn about it," Benny explains. Bryce steps forward and rubs some water onto Virginia's forehead. Then Wesley (having returned Angel's coat) leads the MoG into the room and declares, "Release her or die." "Don't I say that?" Angel wonders. And then there's a fight. While that's happening, my phone rings. It's Johanna, who wants me to explain how Angel got into the house. I have no answer for her. If it's because when Wesley was invited in, Benny thought he was inviting Angel in, that's really extraordinarily stupid. The fighting continues. Wesley starts to free Virginia, while Bryce huddles in a corner and says, "The hour approaches, Yeska. Do not be blind to my plea." A wind blows, lightning flashes, and a pudgy harpy with big sharp pointy teeth appears. She reaches toward Virginia and growls, "The sacrifice!" Virginia recoils, and Yeska adds "-- is impure!" Yeska squeals and is sucked down into the giant sucking plot hole in this otherwise passable episode. Poof, she's gone. Virginia asks Wesley why he came back, and Wesley answers, "I said I'd protect you." Although it turns out that Virginia was in no danger, actually. But it's the thought that counts.

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