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Commercials. Prepare yourself, because at any moment a movie trailer might appear. This is completely ridiculous.

It's happy hour at Caritas; the sign says "Two drinks, one song, no waiting!" I'm not sure why that's funny, but it kinda is. Cary is on stage, crooning "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." Retirees and demons (or maybe retired demons) sit quietly while Gunn and Wesley lurk near the bar. Cary appears to have rebuilt following the big car crash without too many changes. I think the lights are different, but honestly, who cares? Gunn and Wesley talk about when their "contact" is going to show, and a demonic George Burns (or is that redundant?) tells them to keep it down. As the song ends, Merl finally shows up. Oh, joy. Merl. He confirms that Angel isn't around, whining, "He always beatin' me up or hangin' me upside down -- and he never pays up like he's supposed to." Wesley puts a pile o' money on the bar, which he has because before leaving for Sri Lanka, Angel finally told the MoG about his secret bank accounts. Merl whines that he had to work hard for his information, so "the price is gonna change." Wesley obligingly starts removing bills from the pile until Merl gives up. He tells them that James is still around, "and he knows what Angel did to his heartthrob." Ding ding, we have a title! Gunn immediately pulls out a cell phone and starts dialing. Oh, look, they have cell phones again.

We cut to the Hyperion, where Angel hangs up the phone after receiving the bulletin from Gunn. He shares the news with Cordelia as he heads for the weapons. Cordy immediately worries that James will be headed for the hotel. Angel tells her, "I want you to go home while it's still light out, and stay there." Then he gets bewildered because some of his weapons were moved to the basement in his absence. Cordy explains, "They were dust-catchers!" I wait for Angel to explain that the dust is from vampires disintegrating, but they don't go there for some reason. Cordy refuses to leave, and Angel says that he appreciates her courage, but that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Actually, he says he doesn't want to see her get hurt, so maybe he's just squeamish. As he heads for the basement, Cordy whines, "I go home, he'll come after me, 'cause I live alone and that's what they do -- they come after you when you're alone." She's forgetting about that invitation rule, I guess. Or maybe she's having flashbacks to Faith's visit. Angel argues with her a little more, but fails to declare, "Go. Or stay! But do it because it is what you wish to do." Cordy says "I just know I'd be a lot safer by your side," as Angel opens the door to the basement, which is where James is waiting. Okay, that's the third time this episode we've had the ironic statement scenario. I'm starting to miss the other joke. James immediately throws Angel into a wall while Cordy runs away. More bad editing, more punching, and then James tosses Angel out into the lobby. James asks, "Why'd you do it? 'Cause I had something you could never have?" Cordy helpfully lurks in a doorway to watch the pummeling, and Angel shouts at her to get back. Which draws James's attention to her. I guess he really is mad about her moving the weapons. More punching, and upstairs Fred wanders out to see what all the ruckus is. She calls, "Angel? I thought I heard company. I came out of my room!" Angel ceases from his attempt to strangle James (uh, Angel? He doesn't breathe.) and hops out into view just long enough to shout, "Go back to your room and stay there!" He resumes the battle, and Fred rolls her eyes a little and says, "Okay, then," before stomping off.

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