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Wesley confirms that he's talking to Cordelia, which seems like an odd thing to do when he's just called her on her cell phone, but maybe they knew I was going to digress in the previous paragraph. Cordy is having trouble hearing Wesley, what with her being down in the giant inexplicable tunnels. ["She can get a signal on her phone when she's under the subway? Sometimes I can't get a signal inside my house." -- Wing Chun] Wesley says, "There's something you have to know about James." Cut to Cordy desperately trying to sell one of those one-sided conversations where the person on-screen has to repeat everything the person off-screen is saying. She says, "Oh, he's invincible, is he?" for Angel's benefit, so that's okay. But then she has to continue, "Slog Demon, what's that? Some kind of doctor demon that collects rare organs...Cut out his heart?" She goes on to tell Angel that James cannot be killed, and then the connection goes dead as she asks, "How long...? Six what?" Let them eat static. She gives up and tells Angel that James's invincibility is only temporary, and then he'll die. Unfortunately, all she heard was the number six: "I dunno, minutes, hours, weeks..." Angel says that all they have to do is outwait James. And naturally, that's when James smashes through the back wall. Angel and Cordy go dashing down another tunnel.

And then they journey to a location! At least, I think it is. If not, they fooled me, so I need the Angelenos to check in. A subway train arrives at a station as Angel and Cordy hurry through the crowd to hop onto the train, as James follows close behind. The doors slam shut and the train pulls away as Cordy sticks out her tongue at James. Heh. James watches the train zoom away, and then, as it passes by, hops up and grabs onto the last car. In the train, Angel looks distracted as Cordy asks whether they should double back or ride to the end of the line. He finally tells her, "Shh," and as she gripes, "He couldn't possibly --" James smashes through a window. Angel shoves Cordy back towards the extras, and James wonders, "Is it possible you care about someone who isn't you?" He continues, "If you're not the same man who screwed Darla and couldn't care less what happened to her..." Angel blinks, "Where did you hear --? Oh. You mean back in the day. Right." Heh again. Cordy insists that Angel cares about people now, which leads James to wonder whether Angel will feel something if he kills Cordy. Cordy backpedals, "Well, it's not like he's losing sleep with the caring." James says, "Lucky me, now I can kill the woman you love." Angel disagrees, saying, "The woman I love is dead." Off of James's confusion, Cordy explains, "It happened three months ago. We try not to say her name too much." How'd they work more exposition into a climactic confrontation? James tells Angel that it wasn't really love: "You wouldn't be standing here playing games with me. You wouldn't be able to, because when she died, or when some bastard killed her, it would have killed everything in you." After braining us with anvils, James rips out a subway seat and swings it at Angel, but like a poor marksman, he keeps missing the target! Oh, but then he hits Angel, who falls back near the feet of an extra on crutches. Angel calls, "Catch him!" and then yoinks the crutches away as Cordy supports the injured passenger. Angel uses the crutches to knock James's legs out from under him, and then it's hard to describe, but he uses them to snag James's arms and snap them. It goes really quickly to diminish the ick factor. Angel shoves James up against a wall and asks, "This your idea of love, James? It's not real unless it kills you?" James pantingly replies, "What's yours? It's fun as long as it doesn't cost me anything? You don't know what love is. " Do I need to bother with a PSA about how James's idea of love is juvenile and lame and wrong? Good. Angel lets James fall to the floor to pontificate some more. "I lived. You just existed. From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee." And then James poofs into a cloud of dust. Well, there're some commuters who'll have a good story to tell.

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