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It's not really a blipvert, but we flash over to the Hyperion. Cordy asks Angel how Fred is. He says, "We talked over what happened and I think she'll be coming out of her room any decade now." Cordy chuckles, because Fred's paralyzing fear of the world is entertaining. To make up for her spiffy hairdo earlier, Cordy has had to submit to some kind of That Girl frizzy split-end-looking thing and an ugly lime-colored top. Cordy asks Angel how he is, and interjects, "I know you, and ever since you came back from your grief trip, I can tell, something's not right." She finally says the "B" word and bizarrely insists, "Buffy's dead. And I don't mean to diminish that; I miss her, too." She does? Why? She goes on to say that James "opened up a lot of wounds for you, but you'll be okay." Because he's immune to anvils. If only the rest of us were. Angel quietly says that his problem is that he's okay. Short version: he feels guilty because he's still alive while Buffy is dead, and he feels more guilty because he's dealing with it. Cordy tells him that battling evil is his first, best destiny, and that anything else is a waste of a material. Although she phrases it thus: "You're a living, breathing -- well, living, anyway -- good guy who's still fighting, and trying to help people, and that's not betraying her; that's honoring her." Oh, can't he just help people because he wants to, not because he's honoring Martyred Buffy? Blah. Maybe he doesn't want to hear that right now, but I do. And you know, how we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life. Cordy finally asks whether they can get back to work. Angel wonders, "There's work?" Which cues Wesley and Gunn to march out and ask what Angel knows about Nester demons. Angel says, "They like to live in the walls of peoples' homes. They hatch several times a year. Don't you have to kill the Queen or something?" As weapons are handed out, Cordy explains, "We killed a bunch of 'em in Hancock Park a couple of months ago." Wesley thinks they might have missed the Queen. And so, weapons in hand, the gang walks into the camera.

Well, that was fairly...oops, the show's not over. Hm. We're in Puerto Cabazas, Nicaragua. Which almost rhymes. In a traditionally seedy bar, a man enters and sits down at the bar, saying, "Sorry it took so long. He's a very difficult Shaman to find." He hands a piece of paper over to Darla, who slides the paper into her cleavage. Ah, Darla. Always so classy. She looks a bit grumpy as the guy pours her a drink. She tries to decline, but he asks, "How much can one little drink hurt?" Darla replies, "It depends on who's doing the drinking." I wonder whether that's foreshadowing. Okay, I don't wonder at all. The guy says that he thought Darla might have some surprises in her, and she doesn't, because I'm not at all surprised when she vamps out and chomps on his throat. She finishes by sucking on a lime as a boozer in the background displays no reaction whatsoever. Heh. And then she swivels around so that we can view her pregnant belly in all its glory. She walks out of the bar past someone who's either dead or dead drunk.

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