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I finally perk up as something we don't already know is mentioned: Angel's out of town, working off his latest dose of Buffy-induced angst. Unfortunately, this means that it's Gunn's turn to suffer for the back story, so he has to go on telling us that the love of Angel's life is dead. We finally learn that Angel went on a spiritual retreat to a monastery in Sri Lanka. They're in Southern California, and he had to go to another continent for his "spiritual retreat." Maybe Angel just couldn't bear to keep looking at Wesley's haircut. Gunn gripes, "He should have gotten hammered and gone to Vegas like I told him." Wesley insists that Angel needs to work through his loss in "peace and quiet."

Which, of course, signals a cut to Angel in the middle of a big ol' fight. At the monastery. In Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka? I'm still having trouble with that. Okay, so there's fighting and kicking and stick-fu and a heckuva lot of candles, and while the stunt work isn't exactly dazzling, it is lit sufficiently and there are enough wide shots that you can actually follow the action, and I'm in favor of those things. In the middle of the fight, there's a rather jarring establishing shot of the monastery, and someone who cares more than I do should compare it to the castle in Pylea, because it looked sorta familiar. Then there's more fighting, and it all ends in a blipvert which transports us outside the monastery doors. Angel exits and meets a few villagers who look a bit startled by the hubbub. According to the captions, one of them asks what happened. And, according to the closed captions, the question is asked in Tibetan. Whoops! Angel explains, in either Sri Lankan or Tibetan, or possibly both: "Demon monks. Shoulda gone to Vegas." Quipping in a foreign language is an improvement on quipping in English, but not quipping at all would be even better. Plus, you know, English is widely spoken in Sri Lanka. Maybe it was a Tibetan tourist who just happened to be there. Oh, notice the Vegas references? It's sweet that they tried to do another massive shout-out to MBTV like they did in the season two premiere, but sorry, guys -- we went to Toronto this time. Thanks for the thought, though. Now show me some extra-wide credits.

Did you ever notice the color-coding of the actors in the credits? Boreanaz's name is white, Carpenter's is green, Denisof's is yellow, Richards's is red, and new co-star Amy Acker's is purple. Guess what my least favorite color is? Poor Wesley just can't win with me.

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