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As Angel and Darla head down the street again, Elizabeth is lingering to gaze at a certain heart-shaped locket in a store window. James, naturally, smashes the window, grabs the locket, and puts it around Elizabeth's neck. More hugs and kisses, and, thank goodness, that's when the soldiers finally arrive. James tells Elizabeth to go with Darla to the ship while he and Angel engage in some fisticuffs. I thought vampires had a more equal opportunity take on letting the women fight, but apparently not. James shouts at the soldiers, who halt and look concerned. James shouts, "What are you afraid of?" As we hear horses galloping up, Angel answers, "Not us." He sounds terribly bored. Not angry, or excited about having a big fight, or even calculating. Just...bored. Angelus is supposed to be scary; he's supposed to be evil. The problem I have with these flashbacks is that they make him seem like a good-natured anti-hero. Feh. Anyway, the guards vanish as a group of men on horseback arrive and begin aiming their crossbows. Keith Szarabajka rides into the frame. What do you mean, "Who?" You know: Keith Szarabajka! Not quite a Hey! It's That Guy!, but I think you'd recognize him if you saw him. And I just discovered that he played the extremely creepy Terry Pugh in A Perfect World, so the man can act. Anyway, at the sight of the troop approaching, Angel tells James, "Hope she treasures that locket."

We finally return to the present, where it seems Angel has been regaling the team with wacky stories of his adventures as a soulless monster, the likes of which they all loathe. I'd like to see how that conversation started. "Let me tell y'all a little story...." Gunn wants to know how Angel escaped Holtz, but Cordelia is focused on the current problem: "James and Elisabeth had the big forever love. If he's still around and he finds out who killed her..." "He's going to want revenge," Wesley finishes. He and Gunn head out to talk to their sources, which leads Angel to say, "Wow. You're almost like real detectives." Gunn takes offense at that, though I don't understand why, and Angel apologizes for even murkier reasons. I mean, they aren't detectives. They're like detectives, or at least they're like television detectives. More Simon & Simon than Magnum, P.I., but anyway. Angel tells Cordy, "James really lived for that girl."

We woosh over to the crashed vampmobile, which is being towed away. It's daytime, so James and his henchvamp are lurking in a covered lot nearby. James sniffles as he stares across the bright patch of sunlight that is streaming in through a gated doorway, and did anyone not immediately realize that the dramatic lighting was there for...well, dramatic reasons? James wonders aloud how his old pal Angelus could kill Elizabeth. The henchvamp joins the exposition free-for-all by explaining, "He's not the same. Gypsies cursed him with a soul a hundred years ago or so. He's got a business here in L.A. -- he kills us for money!" He goes on to make excuses for his own escape, and James finally says, "I want to die," and then pushes the henchvamp into the sunlight. The henchvamp immediately bursts into flames and finally poofs, but that doesn't seem to cheer James up.

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