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At the hotel, Angel is looking at pictures of James and Elizabeth inside the locket. Cordy is lurking in the background, which means they should start having an awkward conversation right! Cordy starts with the old "it's really none of my business," routine, but she gets up to speed pretty quickly. In fashion news, Cordy's hair is swinging about in a nice straight bob, and she's wearing a cute little jacket and jeans, and not showing ridiculous amounts of skin, and it's so nice when I'm not embarrassed to look at her. After some evasion, she finally works up to saying, "I don't think you should blame yourself or feel guilty for her death." Angel says that he doesn't, since he didn't even know who Elizabeth was when he killed her. Cordy whines, "Not her." Angel sighs, "Oh, you want to talk about..." and closes the locket. Cordy insists, "She was the love of your life and she died." Something about the angle makes it look like Angel's smirking, and I half-expect him to say, "No, no, Darla was the love of my life. Buffy was just the rebound girlfriend. It's cool." That's my little fantasy, though. Cordy goes on saying that Angel couldn't save Buffy, and that he couldn't die with her, and the first anvil of the new season comes crashing down to make sure we all get that Angel loved Buffy just like James loved Elizabeth, and that just as James wants to die without Elizabeth, maybe Angel wants to die, and do you get it? If not, don't worry, because there'll be another anvil along any minute. Angel remains mute, and Cordy finally claims that she's not going to pry, because it isn't her style. Then she snaps, "Okay, it's totally my style, but I can tell that I'm not getting anywhere right now. But you have to tell me one thing -- you owe me this much! What the hell happened with Holtz?"

And back we flash, as Holtz marches up and asks, "Where is she?" Angel starts quipping which is, once again, not creating the menace that I want to feel coming from him. Holtz repeats his question, and Angel takes his turn in the wheel of exposition: he tells James that Holtz has been chasing him and Darla, possibly because they killed Holtz's family. Holtz implies that he can do worse than kill Angel. He's hurt Angel, and he wishes to go on...hurting Angel. Maybe he'll leave Angel marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet, buried alive...buried alive. "Hooooltz!" Whoops. Sorry. I'm back now. Angel tells Holtz, "A tasty lot, specially the little ones. Your wife -- she kept repeatin' on us. Of course, y'know, I repeated on her a few times m'self." Then he makes a weird sound that the closed captions describe as "arrgh." It's more like "uhhhhhh," but the important thing to know is that it's supremely dopey. And, once again, makes me snicker when I should be horrified at the things Angel is describing. Holtz, being less picky than I am, punches Angel and pulls at a stake out before threatening him with torture, whereupon Angel quickly confesses that Darla is with James's girlfriend. James gets vexed, and Angel explains, "He's in love; it's all very passionate and befuddlin'," and I really enjoyed that line. "Befuddlin'." Hee. I just listened to it a few extra times, and it still cracks me up. Angel goes on to say that the girls are down at the dock, which causes James to scream, "I'll kill you!" and attack him.

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