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Presumably this is all part of Angel's clever plan, although it'd be nicer if that were made clear somehow. But then I'd get mad about having things spelled out for us, I hear you say. True. Try this: if Angel had seemed more clever and menacing earlier, instead of dopey and casual, I'd be sure this was planned. Alternatively, Holtz could say something like, "You are an excellent tactician, Angelus. You let your second-in-command attack, while you look for weaknesses." Anyway, James's attack causes a little melee, and in the rumpus Angel manages to climb onto one of the horses. Holtz grabs a crossbow and shouts, "Kill them!" and a few arrows hit Angel but none of them hit his heart. James manages to hop onto the horse behind Angel, and they gallop off with the Holtz posse in hot pursuit. If this is eventually going to lead to Holtz chasing Angel and Darla through the old west in America, I'll be really entertained. Plus, then I pull out some more Clint Eastwood references, which my mom will enjoy.

Some time later, Angel and James ride into an alley, having lost their pursuers. James shoves Angel off the horse and growls, "I'd kill you where you lay if I didn't have to get to 'Lisabeth." Angel sniffs that he just saved James's life, but James, being the pissy Shelley to Angel's self-absorbed, or something...snaps, "I'll be sure and tell Darla [about] the utter lack of concern you had for her." James just doesn't get it. He rides away, and Angel picks himself up and starts pulling arrows out as he wonders, "Why are people always riding off and leaving me? Am I a bad bloke? I don't think so. Not when you get to know me. I may need a doctor..." Then he falls down with a pleasant thump. I'm sorry to keep ranting about this, but soulless Angel should not be Wacky Comedy Guy.

Back in modern times, James bursts into the office of one Dr. Gregson. The receptionist protests, "You can't go in there, he's sloughing!" In the office, we see the doctor, who is in the middle of pulling some kind of goo off his face. This was a very confusing scene, because apparently Gregson is meant to be removing some kind of demonic visage, but it looks like it might just be some kind of gooey exfoliating mask. Gregson explains, "I go through this every month, just like a woman." I don't even know where to start with that. He asks what James wants. James wants "the cure." Gregson asks whether he's aware of the price, and James rather self-righteously replies, "I've already paid it." James looks like a young Anthony Edwards, now that I think about it. You know, with more hair. We cut to a shirtless James lying on an operating table as Gregson bends over him with a scalpel. He begins an incision as he insists, "This shouldn't hurt...too much."

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