Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Suddenly, Spicule's in the basement, and an unseen Pavayne says he controls their reality. Now it's like The Matrix meets The Frighteners. Well, I didn't hate The Frighteners. Spicule realizes that Pavayne is keeping the MoG from seeing him. Pavayne says these are "parlor tricks," just like Spicule's wounds, which promptly fade away. For someone who's supposedly been spooking people for over a hundred years, you think he'd have realized that it makes the whole thing less effective if you explain to the mark how the tricks are done. But no, Pavayne goes on about how it's all about will-power. The eye-punctured woman reappears and says, "Clothes you think you wear..." And woosh, Spicule is naked. Again. You've got to do more than that to bother him, lady. Pavayne and his ghost-chorus go over Spicule's history, concluding, "Then fell in love. Won himself a soul. No more dirty things. Thinks himself special." They add that he's still going to hell. Spicule asks if Pavayne killed the other ghosts (back before they were ghosts, that is), and Pavayne says that these people died in the service of Wolfram & Hart. Spicule guesses, "Their spirits hung on. Tried to keep from tumbling into hell. Till you gave 'em a shove." Then he realizes that they aren't "real" ghosts; they're just more of Pavayne's illusions. Pavayne says that they're real enough, and with that, the hanging guy stabs Spicule in the back.

Fred is writing all over the windows in her office when the rest of the MoG enter. They worry that she's having a relapse, and I worry that someone watched A Beautiful Mind too much, but Fred claims she just ran out of whiteboard. And she just happened to have a special "writes neatly on glass" pen handy. Fred technobabbles that she may be able to bring Spicule back, but that she needs "a massive surge of dark energy to catalyze the process." When Angel asks how massive, exactly, she sighs, "The equivalent of nuclear evil." Angel asks where they can find that kind of power. Rising music starts up to underscore the significance of it all as Wesley admits, "There is a legend that tells of a volcano deep in the forbidden jungles of South Africa --" "Or," Gunn says, cutting off Wesley and the significant music, "I might know a place a little closer to home." Heh.

Gunn and Angel stand in the White Room. Angel expositions that TWoP is not a fan site, and that fans who just want to see their own opinions repeated back to them should probably look elsewhere. Gunn adds that everyone should read the FAQ. With that settled, Angel reminds Gunn that his plan is to "snip off a piece of the conduit that connects Wolfram & Hart to the other dimensions." I'll bet Gunn already knew that. Angel wonders what the conduit looks like this time, and Gunn says, "It's not that bad." There's an off-camera roar, and Gunn adds, "...If you like cats." Angel confesses to being a dog person, and who didn't know that? Another roar, and Angel holds up a canister and says, "We were just wondering if we maybe could borrow a couple of whiskers?" Roar again. Gunn takes the flask and says that he's asking for a personal favor. The panther comes running up to Gunn. Aw. Kitty! Gunn reaches out toward the cat's head and we cut away before tragedy ensues.

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