Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Pavayne is knocked through a wall into an office. Spicule follows, summarizes the premise of the story, and then punches Pavayne some more. Pavayne tries punching back but keeps missing, possibly because he's distracted by the fact that he might win R.E.M. tickets. There's a nice bit as they wallop each other while standing in the middle of a desk, and the FX crew must have worked really hard on that because sometimes folds of Spicule's coat pop out of the desk's sides. And it's nice work, but it's not dazzling, and I'm not sure it was really worth the effort. Spicule quips, "Not so much fun when we hit back, is it?" Pavayne blocks Spicule's next punch and replies, "It's starting to be," and knocks Spicule through a wall.

In the lab, the MoG are working on Fred's contraption. Gunn and Angel return with the canister, which is full of a black substance. Don't touch it, it's evil! Gunn tells Fred, "Make it count. It told me we ain't getting any more." Fred fusses over her machinery while Angel asks how they'll let Spicule know what's happening. Wesley says they don't need to. Fred says, "This baby puts out enough juice to light up ghost city. Anything remotely spectral around here is about to get the tinglies." Oh, I see. What the hell does that actually mean? As the machinery whirrs, a magic circle of gadgetry on the floor starts to light up.

Back in the lobby, there's a low throbbing noise as Pavayne beats up Spicule. But he makes the usual mistake of spending too much time taunting, not enough time kicking. By the time he's done speechifying and has yanked Spicule upright, the throbbing is louder, and then a burst of FX passes through them both. Pavayne looks around, distracted, and Spicule takes the opportunity to escape.

In the lab, Fred looks at a ghostometer and announces that Spicule is there. She yells, "Step into the circle, hurry! We've only got one chance at making you corporeal aga--" And then she starts gasping. The camera spins back around to show that Pavayne is choking her. The boys try to charge to the rescue, and are immediately knocked down to the floor by Pavayne's magic powers. Spicule runs into the room and eyes the situation. Pavayne chuckles, "The girl or the flesh? There's no time for both." Spicule pauses, and Pavayne says there's hope for him after all. Suddenly, Spicule is standing next to Pavayne. Spicule says, "Not really," and clobbers Pavayne. What? That's your big comeback? Fred falls to the floor, and the magic circle gets all big and bright, then fades out as we see Pavayne has fallen into the middle of it. Wesley and Gunn get up and run over to Fred. Pavayne leaps up and hisses threats at them all until Angel wanders over and knocks him out. I think I'd have liked this better if we didn't see Pavayne until he was solidified here at the end. Because then it'd be a lot of spooky voices and wondering what he looked like, and then at the end the reveal would be that it's just a sad, messy little man shouting about things he doesn't understand. Just a thought. Spicule tells Angel, "Don't kill him. If he becomes a spirit again, we'll never stop him." But he's not really doing much that needs stopping, is he? I mean, he's sending evil people to hell. And sure, he should go to hell himself, but he's not really accomplishing anything they care about. Y'know? Angel just says, "Fine. No killing. Just a whole lot of bruising," and wallops Pavayne again.

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