Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Some time later, Fred, Gunn, and Wesley are cleaning up the rubble in her lab. Fred is moody, so Gunn tells her to take a break. She steps into her office, where Spicule joins her to ask if she has a spare recorporealizing machine. Fred explains that most of the parts were "practically nonexistent to start with," and that she doesn't have another power source anyway. Spicule says he doesn't regret his decision, and insists, "I'm not gonna end up like Pavayne -- cheating hell any way he could, no matter who it hurt." Fred says this proves what she's been saying: that he's worth saving. Spicule cheerfully says that it's not so bad, adding, "Even picked up a few new tricks." He carefully lifts up a coffee mug from the desk. Such magic. He concludes, "I guess there's worse things than being a ghost."

Segue to Pavayne, who is imprisoned in a little box with bars holding him, and an electrode doohickey attached to his face. He stares out, unmoving, while Eve tells Angel, "If there's anything Wolfram & Hart excels at, it's keeping their unmentionables unmentioned." But you just mentioned them! You're so fired. Angel turns to Pavayne and explains, "You get to live forever, unable to move, to touch, or to feel, or to affect anything in the world around you. But don't worry -- I had 'em give you a window." Angel closes the door on the box, and we get a Pavayne's-POV shot of Angel looking in through a narrow window. Angel says, "Welcome to hell." Angel and Eve walk away as Pavayne stares out at them without blinking. Well, that sucks, but if they wanted to be really sadistic they'd put a television set in front of him.

Next time, Cary throws a party, Angel takes a shower, and Eve learns the horrible price she must pay for her evildoing.

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