Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Spicule returns to the empty lab and spots the amulet and Fred's notes. Then the lights start flickering. He assumes that this is the work of the ghost he saw downstairs, and the thought that there might be someone invisible there listening to him causes him to start yammering away as usual. I decide that I like whatever spooky presence is turning the lights out, because the darker it gets, the more it starts to look a little bit like Angel again. Sigh.

Spicule follows the flickering fluorescent lights out into the hall. Then the lights go out completely, and we hear a woman crying. Spicule asks, "Now what?" and suddenly sees a woman in Victorian garb crouched on the floor. She stands up, revealing that her arms are just stumps, and begs, "Please, hold me." She walks toward him, says, "It's coming," and then leaps at him and vanishes. Spicule jumps a little, then looks around.

Angel returns to his office and is greeted by Spicule, who asks, "What's on the agenda? Rousting a nest of venomous retirement plans?" Shut up, Spicule. Angel pours himself a glass of blood out of a neat little crystal decanter. Which is cute, except wouldn't it be warm and blechy? He was always keeping his blood refrigerated before. Angel tells Spicule to leave. Spicule doesn't. Angel sighs. Have I mentioned that having Spicule around makes me like Angel a lot more? Spicule tries to chit-chat, and Angel sullenly asks, "Starting to feel it, aren't you? How close you are now. To hell." Spicule quails briefly, and then figures that hell can't be so bad "if a ponce like [Angel] could break out." He does have a point. Angel says he didn't escape: "All I got was a short reprieve -- I'm not even sure how I managed that." Spicule accuses Angel of playing the martyr, like that time he draped himself on a cross and -- oh, wait. Spicule brings up the Shanshu prophecy, and Angel retorts, "The prophecy's a bunch of bull. They all are." Oh Angel, I -- I like you! Good boy, you learned something! Angel circles Spicule and menaces, "The things we did, the lives we destroyed, that's all that's ever gonna count." Man, this scene makes me happy. Angel sits on the couch as he concludes, "Surprise -- you're going to hell. We both are." DeKnight, I could kiss you. Spicule can't figure out why Angel bothers trying to do the right thing if he's not getting a reward out of it. Aw, I wish he'd be sociopathic all the time; then I'd like him, too. "What else are we gonna do?" Angel whispers. Spicule mulls that over for a minute, and then decides that at least he'll have company in hell, and sits down on the couch with Angel saying, "You and me, together again." Doesn't this seem like it was meant to be in the network promos for the new season? Also there is an enormous bowl on the coffee table. And, I think, an ashtray. I can see why you'd need the ashtray if your building is full of evil people, but is the bowl for evil snacks? Oh, maybe it's for baby heads.

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