Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Spicule steps out of the elevator and back into the spooky basement. It's dark. Water is dripping. Spicule is almost as bored by it as I am. We hear the chopping noises again. Spicule returns to the room with the table. The ghost isn't there, but the table does have some severed fingers resting on it. One of them shivers a little, which sets off some "Yikes!" music but is actually kind of anticlimactic. Maybe it would have been better if it had just bent up to give him the finger. A woman sing-songs, "It's gonna get you," and Spicule turns to see a woman from the 1940s with a big hunk of glass sticking in her eye. Spicule asks what "it" is, and she giggles and amends her song: "Reaper's gonna take you." Spicule chuckles and asks, "Tall, grim fellow with a scythe? Is that what all this boogie-boogie's been about?" Aw, he kind of reminded me of Spike there for a second. That's the guy who put the Annoying One in a cage. Dreamy sigh. The girl keeps trying to be spooky, and Spicule keeps not caring until she says, "Don't worry, William." She pulls the glass out of her eye and either says, "Haven't forgotten you," according to the captions, or "Gotten you," if you're just listening. There are quite a few spots where the dialogue fades out this week. Seriously, what is up with the sound this year? Then the girl whips the glass across Spicule's cheek, cutting him, and vanishes.

Fred's back in the lab, saying dull things about math to herself. Spicule wanders in and says that the things he's been seeing are "the welcoming party." He says, "Guess hell got tired of waiting." Yeah, I know how hell feels. Fred, of course, can't hear him. Spicule goes on to confess that Fred's attempts to help him meant a lot. Fred exclaims, "Damn, I'm good!" and Spicule goes from fatalistic to exuberant in five seconds. Until Fred tells herself that her solution would cause a feedback wave that would liquefy half of Los Angeles. Well, who'd notice, really? Fred moans that she's not going to figure it out, and starts to walk away. Spicule tries to encourage her and reaches out to grab her arm. An electrical zap passes between them, and Fred jumps. She asks if Spicule is there, and then the lights go out as Spicule yippees about making contact instead of trying to do it again. Fred tells Spicule to give her a sign, then turns around and jumps as she sees Angel. "Would everybody please stop doing that?" she gasps. Angel says that the mystics did another sweep and didn't find anything. Fred points out that somebody just turned out all the lights, and it presumably wasn't Angel. Wait, no, she doesn't actually, because that would be sensible. Instead, she just says that they have to contact Spicule.

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