Hell Bound

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Don't Fear The Reaper. Seriously, Don't. He's Lame.

Cut to Wesley, expressing skepticism. He and the rest of the MoG are in the conference room as Eve enters with a girl in a form-fitting red dress with an extremely silly and overly-complicated collar. The girl is a psychic, and all business, and it seems that Eve has pulled her in after hours to contact Spicule. Why is Eve in this scene? She doesn't say anything, which is nice, but why is she here at all? The psychic sits at the head of the table and briskly says, "I have Pilates at the crack of why-am-I-awake? So we're gonna move this right along." She orders, "Clear your minds...which, judging by the looks of you, won't be that hard." I like her. Lots more than Eve. Fred asks if they should hold hands, séance-style, and the psychic gives her a look and replies, "Only if you're lonely." Hee! No, I really like her. She orders them all to "zip it" and makes with the mystic incantations. After a moment, she says, "I sense a presence." Spicule -- still with a cut on his cheek -- tells her, "Skip the claptrap and tell them to get me out of here." The psychic goes on about a "dark soul" approaching, and suffering. Spicule is really slow on the uptake, and just says "I'm already here!" The psychic, increasingly nervous, gasps, "It''s the --" "The Reaper! The bloody friggin' Reaper!" Spicule snaps. The psychic suddenly gasps and claws at her throat as if she's choking as blood drips from one nostril. Angel jumps up from the table and orders Spicule to let her go. The girl suddenly sits back more calmly. Fred asks, "Are you all right?" The girl promptly spits up a lot of blood and collapses on the table. Okay, that made me jump. And then, when we got the after-shot of Fred with blood all over her face, it made me laugh. Hee.

Some time later, Gunn enters Angel's office (desk over to the right, y'see) and asks Wesley why Spicule would have killed the psychic. Wesley says he wouldn't have: "No advantage in it to kill someone trying to help him." He suspects that the "dark soul" wasn't Spicule at all. He rasps, "There's something else here at Wolfram & Hart. Something else a hell of a lot worse." Are they ever going to wonder why all of the lights in the building are at 20%? Johanna says, "I want someone to have a conversation with Wesley and suddenly interrupt to ask, 'Why are you whispering?'"

We pan through the lab. And over to the glass-enclosed safety showers. And I can still win R.E.M. tickets! Fred is in the shower. Because she got blood on her face. And instead of wiping it off with some paper towels in the bathroom, she'd rather go to a different part of the building alone. Fine. She turns around suddenly, and of course nobody's there. Except, equally of course, Spicule is there, but she can't see him. Spicule has apparently decided just to follow Fred around and gaze upon her naughtiness while talking to himself. He wonders why the mysterious Reaper killed the psychic, and says, "If it's come for me...couldn't have been worried she was gonna help. She didn't even know I was there. Unless it wasn't about me." Not about you? Well, that's just crazy talk! Still terribly slow on the uptake, Spicule tells Fred that the Reaper was trying to hide something. He reaches out toward the glass and is startled when he touches it instead of passing through. He reaches out again, and this time his hand goes through. He concentrates, and is able to write something on the condensation covering the window. That's one hot shower if the condensation is on the outside.

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