In The Dark

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In The Dark

Doyle is making calls, trying to learn where Spike might be hiding out. Cordy makes fun of Doyle's messy apartment, which "smells like bongwater." One of Doyle's contacts apparently thinks Doyle owes him $100. Because, y'know, Doyle's Irish, and so he probably gambles as well as drinking and all the rest of it. Where's Sinn Fein when you need it? Doyle asks if Spike is "as bad as all that." Cordy confirms that he is.

We blipvert over to the ever-chokered Rachel, as Angel tries to convince her to go to a shelter. Rachel is concerned that she will weaken and try to get back together with Lenny, because that's what she always does. Angel says, "You're at a crossroads, I know. It's either, go for the easy fix and wait for the consequences, or take the hard road, and go with faith." Rachel thinks he's working for a church, and the audience wonders if he's thinking about a certain naughty slayer. "In yourself, that kind of faith," he clarifies. Oh.

Cordy is telling Doyle more tales of Spike, like how Spike killed two slayers. Which she knows about because...? Then Angel calls to see if they've found out anything. Angel is also playing with his stake-ejecting-wrist bands while talking on the phone. If I were a vampire, I don't know that I'd play with anything that could suddenly shoot a stake out at me without giving it my undivided attention. Doyle gives Angel a lead that involves someone named "Manny the Pig." Doyle knows colorful people. Because he's....You know.

We see a quick series of vignettes in which Angel beats people up as he follows Spike's trail. Angel finally finds Spike in an alley, nibbling on a girl. "Let her go," Angel insists. Spike looks up and asks, "Did anyone ever tell you you're a hell of a buzz-kill, mate?" Yes, Spike -- we have. Spike releases the girl and runs off with Angel in hot pursuit. 'Cause he's in pursuit of Spike, who is hot, y'see. I like Spike. Have I mentioned that? Spike runs into a dead end, and turns, saying "Caught me fair and square, white hat." Angel asks, "You think you can come to my town and pull this crap?" Dude, when "your town" was Sunnydale, it seems to me that it was Buffy who stopped him, so why wouldn't he think that? Then a chain is wrapped around Angel's neck and he is pulled down by a mysterious bald man, while Spike looks on happily.

Cordy and Doyle wait by the phone. Cordy suspects that Angel's failure to call is bad. Doyle speculates that Angel has already killed Spike, put on the ring, and has gone surfing.

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