In The Dark

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In The Dark

"Drat," says Cordy, back at Angel's place. "It's not in the freezer and it's not in the toilet tank. In the movies it's always in one of those places!" Doyle agrees that the ring isn't there. They realize that they've looked everywhere...except.."The rat-infested sewer tunnels he uses to get around in the daytime," concludes Cordy.

Cordy and Doyle search the sewers. Cordy wouldn't feel around pipes in a sewer if her own life were at stake, so I'm having trouble buying that she'd do it for Angel. As Cordy walks out of view, Doyle makes his face go all pin-cushiony and sniffs, then un-demonizes and walks right to where the ring is. Johanna asks, "And Doyle's special power is that he can sniff jewelry?" That is one specialized demon. They realize that if they just give Spike the ring, he'll kill all of them, so they prepare to Make A Plan.

Cordy and Doyle find Spike is lurking in some shadows, because it's daytime, and he's a vampire, and vampires don't like sunlight, unless they're Angel. Spike asks for the ring, and they tell him they don't have it, but they know where it is. "And suddenly, I'm so painfully bored," says Spike. They insist that Spike must take them to Angel so they can make sure he's okay, and then they'll tell Spike where the ring is.

Spike enters the warehouse with Doyle and Cordy. They try to rush over to Angel, but Spike stops them and demands the ring. Doyle takes it out of his pocket and tosses it onto the floor past Spike. As Spike turns around to grab the ring, Oz crashes through the warehouse door with his van. Spike is knocked to the ground for some reason. As Cordy and Doyle free Angel and carry him to the van, Oz points two crossbows through the driver's window and says, with a little nod, "Spike." Spike looks taken aback. The Ozmobile zooms away. Spike looks around on the floor and realizes that both the ring and Marcus are gone. "Bloody hell," he sighs.

Marcus walks into the sunlight as the music of looming doom thuds into our skulls.

Johanna and I have another quick chat during the commercial break:

Johanna: [who likes Oz] My boyfriend saved the day.
Strega: My boyfriend made fun of Angel.
Johanna: My boyfriend used the word "laconic."
Strega: My boyfriend beat up Angel.
Johanna: My boyfriend drives a van.
Strega: My boyfriend has a cool leather trenchcoat.
Johanna: My boyfriend is in a band.

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