In The Dark

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In The Dark

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Still at the warehouse, Spike smashes some stuff. "I do the work. I do the digging. Fight off a slayer. Drive to L.A.. Hire the help. And what do I get?" The captioning said "fire the help," which is further evidence of that conspiracy I mentioned in a previous recap. As Spike turns a table over, we learn that the answer to his question is "Royally screwed, is what!" He continues, more calmly, "Well, that cinches it. No more partners. From now on, I'm my own man. A lone wolf. Sole survivor. Yeah! Look out, here comes Spike! The biggest, baddest, mother --" Before he can utter a very naughty word indeed, a beam of light coming through one of the bullet holes in the roof sets his hair on fire. Having extinguished the blaze, Spike concludes, "I really hope they kill each other." I think Spike probably needs a hug right about now. He had a rough day.

Marcus strolls around on a pier, watching all the beachgoers.

Doyle and Cordy tend to Angel as Oz drives the van. Cordy insists that Angel needs a doctor or he'll die. Again, I would point to the word "undead" and say, "how's that again?" Angel insists that Oz should turn the van around. They all argue against that idea until Angel says that Marcus "has a thing for children. Oz, turn around, he can't have gone far." Oz makes it so.

Marcus walks toward a group of kids gathered around a hot dog cart. He turns at the sound of squealing tires, and Oz's van plows into him, knocking him into some people. Cordy jumps out of the van and hustles the kids away. Oz fires an arrow at Marcus, hitting him in the chest. Marcus laughs and pulls the arrow out as Doyle runs up and tries to punch him. Doyle misses, and Marcus punches Doyle and then kicks him down. Oz turns to Angel in the van and asks, "Are you sure about this?" Angel says, "Yeah," and Oz pulls open the side door on the van. Angel jumps out and runs toward Marcus as his back bursts into flame. He grabs Marcus and pulls him along as they both hurtle off the pier and into the water. The gang looks over the edge of the pier for Angel.

Angel and Marcus surface under the pier and have A Big Fight. Angel reminds Marcus that he promised to kill Marcus. Whatever. Kicking, punching, snarling, hissing. Angel says that Marcus never cracked him, even though he tried, and shoves Marcus back so that a broken bit of wood spears him. Marcus starts to laugh at how ineffective that is, and Angel grabs Marcus' hand and pulls the ring off. Marcus goes poof. Angel puts the ring on and walks out into the sunlight. The gang runs down to check on him. Angel tells Oz, "Thanks for the help, man, you were key." Oz responds, "You're...incredibly pale." Cordy suggests that they get Angel home, but Doyle asks her to give Angel a minute. Angel wanders a few feet, staring, dazed, at the sunlight, the water, the people (none of whom seem interested in that whole thing with the van hitting someone, the crossbow attack, or the flaming body falling to the water. Californians really are laid back). Angel is, no doubt, awed and renewed by his first glimpse of daylight in several hundred years. Yawn. If he wasn't always wandering around in the daytime, I might care. But I probably wouldn't, because it's Angel. Oz repeats that Angel is really quite pale.

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