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This Ain't No Love Song

"What do you think he'll do?" Fred asks. She's talking about Angel, as she and Gunn sit in the lobby. Angel's behind his desk, staring at his drawing of Cordelia. We don't see the drawing, though; we just see him holding the notebook. I like that. It doesn't quite make up for the overuse of slow-mo in this episode, but for a first-time director, DeKnight did pretty well, I think. Gunn answers, "What he has to. Like he always does." Turn death into a fighting chance to live. Oh my goodness, Angel's going to destroy the Enterprise! Fred wonders if it'll matter, if they're just "pieces being moved around the board." On the word "board," we see Skip scratching his ear, like he's bored, and I desperately want to believe that was intended as a visual pun. It probably wasn't, but let me have my strange jokes. Gunn says that they can "kick [the board] over, start a new game." Gunn makes a little speech about free will, claiming that this is "a little something [he] picked up rubbin' mojos these past few years." Whatting whats? The rest of his speech is similarly arcane, and quoting portions will make it even less sensible, but his point is that some choices do matter, and since they don't know which choices are meaningless, it's best to treat them all as important.

Cary and Wesley enter the room, and Cary says, "We got it!" Skip grumpily mutters, "You're all puppets." Wesley points the now-smoldering deer's foot at Skip and says, "Shut up." Hee. The deer's foot totally makes that worthwhile. Cary holds a map and says that Cordy and Connor are hiding "downtown, in the meat-packing district." Angel morosely enters, takes the map, and heads for the weapons cabinet. Gunn gets ready to roll, but Angel says he's doing this alone. He says, "Whatever's taken over Cordy, it's still her inside. She's still our friend. She's still the woman I --" He's interrupted by the wails of people Who take out very nice banner ads and support TWoP! Hooray for them! Right, so Angel finishes by saying, "I won't let you carry that. I can't." Secretly, he's thinking, "Maybe I can just send her to hell for a few thousand years, and then she'll inexplicably fall from a ceiling somewhere. Naked!" Skip asks, "Anybody got a hanky?" and Cary shoots him a "you're spoiling the moment!" look. Fred and Wesley state the obvious, and Angel heads out, sword in hand. Fred runs after him, asking him to wait. Fred looks at him pleadingly. Angel looks back numbly and shakes his head a little, and he didn't particularly sell that look, but oh well. Angel exits. Skip says, "That'll go well."

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