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This Ain't No Love Song

Wesley asks Angel what he wants to do. Skip answers for him, "The only thing he can do. Kill the woman he loves and save the world. Times like this, it's really gotta suck being you." Angel's probably thinking that this scenario sounds kind of familiar. He heavily asks how he can find Cordy. Skip suggests, "I'd go with the Bu'shundi ritual, but you're gonna need sacred Hutamin paw." Cary interrupts the stirring background music to announce, "The real Cordy kept one in her desk drawer." He heads for the desk while Skip insists that it must be a knockoff: "It's not some trinket you throw in a desk drawer." Cary pulls out something that looks like a deer's hoof on a stick, and explains, "She thought it was a back-scratcher." Angel tells the gang to get started on the spell, while Skip backpedals, "Did I say 'Bu'shundi?' I meant 'Ru'shundi.'" Oh, now he decides he's said too much? See, here's another thing: Cordelia's evil plan is near its climax. Why leave Skip alive when he knows so much?

Connor insists, "They hate us because we're special." Darla squats next to the girl, who sobs that she doesn't hate Connor. I find that shot particularly chilling, with Darla watching this terrified girl with vague curiosity. I almost wish more of this had included the girl's point of view, because she's just hearing Connor rant to himself like a loon, and that's spooky. On the other hand, there's already an awful lot going on. Darla calmly insists that the MoG are scared "because of what [Connor's] done, not because of what [he is]." I don't know how reassuring that is. Connor says, "They wanted to kill me while I was still inside of you," and since Darla is right next to the girl, she must think he's talking to her, and I think that's just so creepy. Darla insists that once Connor was born, the MoG liked him just fine. Connor insists, "And [the same thing] will happen again when they hold my child!" Vincent Kartheiser is kicking so much ass in this episode. He's all confused and crazed and upset and I'm having a hard time making jokes because of it, curse him. He looks at the girl more coldly and says that it's the only way. Darla says that Connor has a choice, and Connor demands, "What choice? They're hunting us like animals!" Darla replies that they're acting like animals. Another really bad argument, because it ends up sounding like, "You started it!" Darla says that she committed her atrocities because she didn't have a soul, and asks what Connor's excuse is. She doesn't quite ask, "What are you thinking of? What thinking? What?" Connor says he doesn't want to do this, but he has to. He turns away as Darla says, "There are things happening, Connor, things that I can' has to be your choice." So I guess telling him anything about Cordy is against the rules? This is why, when you're a super-powerful being that controls our puny lives, I strongly advise you not to agree to any rules. They're nothing but trouble. Connor quietly quotes Cordy again: "Her blood, for our baby's. That's fair, isn't it." The girl sniffles that she wants to go home, and Connor shouts at her to shut up. Darla says that this isn't like him, and Connor uses an extra-creepy low tone to say, "You've been gone a long time, Mom. How would you know?" That sets Darla off on soul-sharing again, and then says, "I feel the good in you. And no matter how much you're beaten or twisted or lied to, it's still there. In your heart." She places her hand on Connor's chest, ruining all my elaborate speculations about crossover-y yet independent plots. Although maybe they're planning to wait a couple of years and then have a flashback where it turns out that Darla has her own hidden agenda here. I mean, why not?

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