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Only a few new shots in the credits, including one of Wesley holding a glowing orb of some kind. I'd hope it was an Orb of Thessaly, but since there's a tame Angel standing behind him, it probably isn't. But let's all stand up and clap and cheer and scream with fan-girl delight because Mr. J. August Richards, Gunn himself, is in the credits. Okay, you don't have to. I can do it all by myself. Yay, Gunn! Well, that was a pretty good episode, I thought, if a bit short on character development. What? There's more? That was just the teaser? Wow, I'm out of practice at this. Bear with me.

A blipvert deposits us at Cordy's apartment. Apparently Angel and the MoG have set up a whiteboard to track their cases. One case features someone or something called Zaroh: "First seen 10/7 ["My dad's birthday. Shout-out?" -- Wing Chun]; killed two police officers." The "Progress" column indicates: "Beheaded -- reborn -- torched." Case closed. Heh. Cordy and Wesley are arguing about entirely different things: Cordy thinks Wesley has changed his mind about what kind of demon was at the gym, but it turns out that Wesley is trying to guess what Wolfram & Hart summoned in the season finale. Meanwhile, Angel toys with some knickknacks that are sitting on a counter in preparation for Cordy's role in The Glass Menagerie. He interrupts the standard bickering to speculate about joining a gym, but I'm distracted by his shirt, which seems to be too small in the shoulders, and his hair, which has grown out in such a way that the "I'm too cool for a comb" look has mutated into the "I'm trying to grow a mohawk" look. Cordy tells Angel, "You don't have to work out. You're eternal." He whines, "I may not always be," in response. Angel, come over here so we can look up "eternal" in this unabridged dictionary. And then hold still while I smack you over the head with it. Thanks. By the time I'm done with that, Cordy has paused in mid-boring-sentence and put one finger up in the air. Angel drops one of the knickknacks to the ground, smashing it, as he and Wesley rush to her side and say "Vision!" in unison. Jinx! Cordy sneezes. Wow, what a completely predictable anti-climax. Kinda like the Buffy premiere. Whoops, did I say that? Angel apologizes for smashing the glass figurine, and Cordy asks, "Why can't we work out of Wes's?" Angel explains that they really can't afford to build yet another new set, and promises that they'll have a new office soon. Cordy sneezes again, and then has a vision. Finally. She sees a blurry orc (I know I've used orc already, but so help me, they all look like orcs to me.) Cordy describes what she saw, and Wesley writes "NDUO" on the whiteboard, which stands for "Nasty Demon, Unknown Origin." No, it really does.

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