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Cut to the Wolfram & Hart building. Lilah's on her cell phone, telling someone that if they don't sign a contract, "we'll sue your ass off and kill your children. Just kidding, Donald: nobody wants a lawsuit." See, that's funny, because -- wait, no, it isn't really funny. My mistake. She hangs up and steps into Lindsey's office. Lindsey is struggling to open a jewel box with his prosthetic hand. Every time Johanna sees Lindsey, she says, "He's only got one hand!" and giggles for a while. Which isn't that amusing to hear about, but it's a riot to see, so I thought I'd mention it. I'm horribly disappointed that calling him "the Clawyer" (tm LuluB) will make no sense, since he doesn't have a claw. On the other hand (heh!), who's gonna stop me if I decide to do it anyway? Nobody, that's who. So: for all the money he's presumably making, you'd think the Clawyer could afford something a little more useful than the immobile mannequin hand they seem to have grafted onto his stump. Maybe he's saving his money for something he needs more. Like a haircut. He tells Lilah, "She likes Chopin and Brahms. She's not too fond of the Russians." Lilah turns to gaze at our old pal Darla, who seems mesmerized by the small desk globe sitting on a shelf. Who knew she was a geography nut? Lilah uses a particularly cloying voice to say, "Hello Darla. How are you doing today? Feeling any better? It's a beautiful day outside..." Johanna points out that it's not very nice to tell vampires how lovely the fall weather is. The Clawyer cuts to the chase and simply says, "Lilah, shut up." He and Darla talk about music, and finally Darla takes a deep breath and says, "He's here." "Chopin?" Lilah wonders. The Clawyer ignores Lilah, as do we all, and says, "Angel. He's here in town. You can feel him." Darla says she always could. Ew. She adds, "He killed me. I remember now...With a soul in his heart." Darla's got the wiggliest eyebrows since Mr. Spock. The Clawyer says, "He's taken from both of us. So when you feel ready, we'll start thinking about giving a little back." I think he meant, "taking a little back." If Angel's taken from them, they don't really want to give him more, right? Darla simpers, "'s been a long time...I'd love to see that boy." Four years? Is that really a long time when you're 400? Oh yeah, time works differently in hell. Convenient, that.

Angel is sketching a picture of the demon Cordy saw in her vision. Well, actually, he's just erasing little bits of the drawing that someone else made, but we're supposed to think he drew it. Angel says, "Wes, I'm thinking Northern Pakistan, Hindu Kush." The Hindu Kush is a region, and also a plant, and it'd be interesting to know to which of these they were referring. That's all I have to say about that. Oh, and I'm not calling him "Wes." You can't make me. But I will call him "Wuss." Happily. Wuss starts toward a stack of books, saying "I need Soleman's Compendium." A volume in the middle of the stack suddenly shoots out at him and whacks him in the shoulder. Yay, Phantom Dennis! Cordy tells Wuss not to shout, and that "Dennis is very sensitive. He's just trying to help!" Wuss tells Angel that they need an office. Cordy squeals as she recognizes one of the pictures in the book, and the latest orc variant is identified as a Prio Notu demon.

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