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Cordy encourages Angel to step up to the microphone, but Angel snarls, "Who's the boss here?" The Unholy Host observes, "I know you're feeling smooth, in the groove. Isn't that the thing that comes before a fall?" I can't believe he didn't say anything about Angel's hair. I mean, seriously, it's unbelievably strange. Angel says, "There's three things I don't do: tan, date, and sing in public." And off he stomps. He left out "dance." As Angel exits, the Unholy Host wonders, "How fabulous would I look in that coat?" I like that guy. And if there's anyone who thinks this character was designed in the hopes of adding some of the old Doyle whimsy without the old Doyle pointlessness, all I can say is, you're probably right.

I have no idea where this next scene takes place. It looks like a cave which opens into an alley underneath a bridge. Like they just smooshed all of their atmospheric sets together into one incoherent mess. Angel strides along in stops as a young woman walks into view and is startled by him. A moment later, the Prio Notu demon lunges out at Angel. Thank god there's a fight, because this recap is running long already. Let the clobbering ensue. I'll just stop to mention my favorite bit of closed-captioning ever, when Angel grabs the demon around the neck and the captioning reads "[chokes]." Then the demon's neck goes snap. The girl, who has watched dully throughout the big fight sequence, rushes to the demon and cradles his head, moaning, "What did you do?" Oops.

After the ads, Angel gasps an explanation: "I thought he was going to hurt you." The girl, who we can now see is pregnant, says, "He was my protector!" Honey, maybe you should have mentioned that before, while they were fighting? Angel insists that he helps people, and asks what the demon was protecting her from. "Things you couldn't handle!" she says, "Like the tribunal!" After telling Angel to stay away from her, she stumbles off.

Angel tells the MoG that he kinda sorta killed a good guy. He fails to notice how Cordy's hair has taken on a life of its own, since it goes from being draped over her shoulder to hanging down her back in mere seconds. Hi, continuity department! I'm sorry, but I notice these things. Wuss complains, "What, we're supposed to think a creature like that can suddenly change its modus operandi overnight, turn into some noble protector and defender of..." The tragic irony wallops him over the head. Cordy guesses that Angel was supposed to help the demon instead of killing him, and then tells the heavens, "Thanks for the obscure vision! We're doing great with that!" Angel decides that he should take on the demon's burden, and asks the MoG to figure out what the tribunal might be. Wuss tries to comfort Angel by saying, "You didn't know." Angel pulls on his coat and replies, "I'm thinking somebody did."

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