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Merl is thrown up against a fence that looks a lot like the one Spike was cornered at in "In the Dark." Except Spike wasn't really cornered, because he's smarter than that, and then they dragged Angel away in chains and tortured him, and Spike made fun of him, and [dreamy sigh] where was I? Oh yeah. Angel demands that Merl tell him the truth. Merl admits that there's a bounty on the woman, or more specifically, on the child she's carrying. "The kid, a daughter. She's supposed to be some kind of powerful, benevolent -- I don't know." Slayer. The word you're looking for is "slayer." Merl suggests that he and Angel could get quite a bounty for the woman, but Angel doesn't seem keen on that idea. He asks where the demon lives, and Merl says, "Boyle Heights, somewhere underground, near the water and power. Kind of an iffy part of town if you know what I'm saying." Angel tosses Merl against the fence once more for luck and leaves.

Gunn and two Found Boys step out into a nearly empty parking lot. We aren't supposed to know it's Gunn, because his face is hidden by the hood of his sweatshirt, but it's a black man and this is Angel, so what are the odds it isn't Gunn? They start to approach a guy who's about to get into his parked car. The guy spots them when they're still quite a distance away and immediately takes off running, shouting, "Just take the car!" What a goober. The Found Boys pursue, and suddenly a vampire lunges out at the goober. Gunn throws his hood back, revealing his face to our collective non-surprise and tackles the vamp. Insert stake A into vamp B. Poof. The goober whimpers, and Gunn tells him, "You should probably go home now." The goober scampers back toward his car. Gunn shouts, "Uh, you're welcome?" after him. Then Angel steps out of yet another concealed spot and commiserates with Gunn about the lack of good manners in the world today. They should open up a club in this parking lot, considering how many people there are hanging around in it. Angel asks if Gunn is doing well, and Gunn throws his arms out to the sides and replies, "Picture of health and harmony." He's cute. I haven't had an opportunity to mention that for a few months. He's even cuter when he ads, "Look at you, dog! You haven't aged a bit." Hee hee! He called Angel "dog." Hee hee! Angel says that, as usual, he needs help. Gunn tells the other Found Boys, "Sweep Olympic up to Broadway. I'll hook up with y'all back at the crib." Angel stares down at the ground, possibly thinking "I wish I understood this crazy street talk of theirs." He tells Gunn that he's looking for the Prio Motu demon's home. "It'd be underground, somewhere near the D.W.P."

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