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For a second I think I'm watching Highlander as we suddenly pan upward and cut to Angel and Gunn walking around in a tunnel. Wow, that was disconcerting. I almost miss the blipverts. Gunn tells Angel that he's been patrolling the tunnels since clearing out a vampire nest last year. He also calls Angel "bro." Snerk. Gunn mentions that a local landlord provides a home for him and the Found Boys in exchange for their patrolling the neighborhood. I assume this means we'll see his place eventually, and now we won't have to wonder how he pays for it. Good planning there. Angel explains that the Prio Motu was killed while protecting a pregnant woman, and then admits that he was the one who killed it. Gunn notices a new vent that turns out to be a hidden door.

In a small sunken room inside, they discover a raggedy blonde girl clutching a broken doll. "They mostly come out at night. Mostly," she lisps. Now that's a crossover event I'd like to see. Okay, so actually they just see a bare little room with a futon, some boxes, and a small golden Buddha. Angel starts poking through the books, while Gunn makes straight for the katana. "Kamal," Angel mutters. "That was his name." What, did he write it inside the front cover of his books? "This book belongs to Kamal. If found, please return to the hidden room behind the vent in the tunnels." Angel then turns his attention to a box, and opens the lid. Then he closes it and opens the hidden drawer in the front. I assume it was hidden, since the captioning said, "[hidden drawer pops open]" but I guess it wasn't hidden all that well. Angel pulls out a large bronze disk. He tells Gunn, "I work with a couple of people at this address," and hands over one of his cards. On the back we can see that the address is on Embury St, in Silverlake. In case you care. He asks Gunn to take the disk there. Gunn asks, "What, you gonna hang here and soak up the guilt?" "Something like that," Angel replies. For some reason Gunn doesn't say, "Well, sure, I'm happy to run errands for you so that you can brush up on your brooding skills." But he does come close to rolling his eyes before exiting.

Left to his puttering, Angel toys with a mortar and pestle and playfully grinds up a passing blipvert of his fight with Kamal. The Buddha triggers another blipvert as he lights a candle in front of it. I'm really getting bored here. Then the door rattles. Angel picks up a second katana and unsheathes it. He lunges out toward the door, startling the pregnant girl, who I hope gets a name soon. After recovering from her surprise, she tells Angel, "You shouldn't be here. You don't have the right." Angel nervously agrees as he disrespectfully places the katana down on an old armchair. He says, "Kamal's mission is mine now." Angel: Vampire Samurai. To her credit, the girl says that she isn't interested; she just wants to protect her baby. Angel says he wants the same thing. The girl says, "Because she's some seer or leader or Joan of Arc. Well, you know what she is to me? My daughter." Angel explains that this is part of his job, and adds, "Look! I got cards." He pulls out a handful of the business cards and hands one to her. Wow, no normal human being could possibly print up business cards. That'll win her over. Impressing her even further, he continues, "And an office! Well, the office kind of blew up, but we're working out of this other apartment in Silverlake temporarily." Dazzled by his professionalism, the girl says that she needs the coat of arms. "Kamal said I needed to present it to the tribunal." Angel intuits that she needs the bronze disk, and to the girl's delight says he already found it. Then he confesses that he had it, uh, relocated to the address on the card. The girl heads out, stopping only to add, "Do me a favor? Stop helping!" She opens the door and is immediately punched by the demon lurking outside.

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