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Angel bursts into Cordy's apartment. "Is she here?" he demands. Cordy says that Gunn brought the talisman, but Jo hasn't shown up. Half of Angel's shirt has been shredded, revealing...too much. Johanna says, "At least it wasn't torn off completely." And at least his jacket was miraculously untouched. Angel grumbles, "I told her to come here. She doesn't trust me. Why should she?" Then he slams his fists into the whiteboard, smearing some of the writing. Cordy tries to be comforting in her typical uncomforting way. Angel says, "I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That some day I might become human." Cordy observes, "It's gonna be a long while till you work your way out. But I know you well enough to know you will. And I'll be with you until you do." Which would be sweet, if she weren't arching her eyebrows so much that she looks terrified by the prospect. On the other hand, maybe she is terrified by the prospect.

Wuss bustles in with news on the talisman. "It's medieval. A small badge or coat of arms to be presented when going before the Cahair Binse. Roughly translated, that's 'Chair of Judgement.'" He says that the tribunal is "an ancient court to settle grievances." Then he adds that they settle grievances with a battle to the death. How exactly this is an improvement over other ways to settle grievances remains unclear. Angel asks how they can find the tribunal, and Wuss says, "They're mystical events. They could rise up in our reality whenever they please." Oh, I hate those non-localized phenomena. Darn Vorlons. Angel says they have to find it, and then adds, "There's only one way."

"Oh, Mandy," Angel squeals on stage at the karaoke bar, "Oh you came and you gave without taking..." Thank goodness I was warned about this; I don't know what I'd have done if there hadn't been beer handy. Cordy and Wuss sit at a table, watching with undisguised horror. "That man will do anything to save a life," Cordy observes. As "Mandy" finally fades out, the Unholy Host grabs the mike away from Angel before he can do further damage. "Stop trying to be like Gustave," he hisses. "There is only one American Boy!" Then he tells the crowd, "I'm gonna have a chat with mister tall, dark, and rockin', and meanwhile Durthock the Child-Eater's gonna open up to y'all. He's searching for the Gorrishyn mage who stole his power, and he's feeling just a little bit country." "Achy-Breaky Heart" is cued up while the Unholy Host escorts Angel to a table. He tells Angel, "Hey, you made an honest mistake. You killed her protector. A lot of guys would've done the same." Angel asks where the tribunal is. "Well, who's a little curt?" snarls the Unholy Host. "Who's a little Curd Jürgens in The Enemy Below?" So this particular demon is a fan of 1950s WW2 sub-chase movies. Are they trying to top my own obscure references? Bad idea. Anyway, he says that the tribunal will arise wherever Jo is. "Then where is she?" Angel asks. The Unholy Host says, "My question first. And answer true, 'cause you know I'll know. Why 'Mandy'?" "Well, I know the words," Angel says, and then looks around, leans in close, and confesses, "I kinda think it's pretty." The Unholy Host delightedly exclaims, "And it is, you great big sap! There's not a destroyer of world can argue with Manilow. And good for you for 'fessing up." He tells Angel, "She'll be at fourth and Spring. The trial will be there."

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