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Necromancing The Stone

Commercials. Johanna observes that Angel knows a lot of details about Spicule's return post-souling. I guess maybe Faith called him after the Hellmouth closed for business, and they had a nice gossip session. That's nice. They were so cute together.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Gunn says that he wiped out Hainsley's assets. I wish Gunn had the crumpled hubcab axe as a paperweight in his office. Just for old times' sake. Wesley and Fred enter and ask how it went. Angel thinks they'll hear from Hainsley again, but asks, "Can we get back to my, uh, spiritual crisis?" He describes how Spicule went along on the visit to Hainsley's, and asks how they can get rid of him. Wesley says that his entire unidentified department has researched the amulet without finding any way to release Spicule from it: "At least, not in the conventional sense." Wesley adds that maybe they can grant Spicule what he asked for, though: eternal rest. Oh Wesley, keep on whispering in my ear, tell me all the things that I like to hear. That's what I like about you.

Spicule materializes in the corridor and walks toward Angel's office. As he passes Harmony's desk, she snits, "Fine, don't talk to me." Does she have a home? Do they all live in the building? Spicule stops, and Harmony complains that he treated her badly. Then -- and I'd like to emphasize that Harmony's not very bright -- she says, "Since you're all soulful now, I thought maybe, just maybe, you might've learned to open up a little. You know, talk?" She wants him to talk more! Also, it appears that Harmony's new shtick is malapropisms. Swell. Harmony stomps off, and as Spicule approaches the office he overhears the MoG's conversation. Wesley says it's like an exorcism. According to the captions, Fred replies, "We're talking about killing him." Spicule sidles up closer to the door. He is clear on the part where he's a ghost, right? If he wants to eavesdrop, why doesn't he go through the wall instead of leaning against it?

In the office, Fred continues by saying, "I know he's already dead, but he'd be gone-dead. Forever. It just doesn't seem right." Wesley says that "letting him cross over" would be merciful. And that's just if you're talking about the audience. Angel quickly says, "Yeah, mercy, I'm all for it. Just, hey, tell me how we do it." Heh. Wesley says that the magic that protects the amulet doesn't work on hallowed ground. So if they take it to a church or a cemetery, they can smash it. Gunn asks Angel what he thinks. "I think I want to sleep on it," Angel says. Fred responds by putting the amulet on the desk in front of Angel. Her miniskirt seems really inappropriate for the office. Yikes. Spicule looks pouty and walks away before the MoG exit the office. Angel gets up and takes the amulet.

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