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Necromancing The Stone

Here's where I would have been complaining that ten seconds ago Angel was fine with the idea, but suddenly he wants to think about it some more? But Johanna cleared it all up for me. Because she thinks he meant he literally wanted to sleep on the amulet. And that's why Fred immediately gave it to him. See, he has no doubts about getting rid of Spicule, but he fell in love with the amulet. And why not? It's small and shiny, and entirely unlike a door. So after that last scene, Angel takes the amulet out for a romantic dinner, and then we blipvert to...

Angel gets off the elevator, still holding his beloved amulet. He appears to have a penthouse apartment in the building now. Okay. It has the most boring furniture possible. I know he hasn't had time to decorate, but just to wax nostalgic for a minute, one of the few things I liked about the first season was how his Batcave apartment was full of paintings and weaponry and oddness. And now he's staying at a corporate Marriott.

Cut to Angel coming out of the bathroom. Shirtless. Gosh, it's been a while. Also: yargh! He and the amulet have had a long romantic bubble bath together, and now they're going to curl up in bed and cuddle. He gets into bed, turns off the light, and then he gigglingly asks the amulet, "Whatcha thinkin' about?" Oh fine. What actually happens is that Spicule says, "Look at you." Angel moans, "No, no, no, no..." Spicule starts on another round of whatever it is he keeps bitching about, and Angel says, "Dude, the amulet and I would like a little private time, if you know what I mean." Spicule says that he overheard the conversation earlier in Angel's office. He goes on to say that Hainsley offered him a deal: "Said he could bring me back -- body and soul -- if I used our close personal relationship to double-cross you." Angel asks what Spicule answered, and then Spicule gets pissy about how could Angel even ask that, insisting that he works for Team Good now, except of course when he's crazy, or when he's decided not to, or when he's been brainwashed to kill people, or when somebody tries to make him feel bad about anything. But apart from that, he's completely good. Spicule goes on to say that he doesn't trust Hainsley anyway. He says, "I can't live like this," and I ask, "You mean, being dead?" but he explains that he can't go on just hanging around being useless, and I can see how three or four years of that would be more than enough. Spicule concludes, "I want it to end." Well, there's only ten more minutes.

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