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Necromancing The Stone

A cityvert takes us to Hainsley's house, where a butler is letting Angel and Spicule inside. Does the invitation rule still apply to Spicule? The butler was Rolf on Days of Our Lives and, even cooler, was in an episode of Knight Rider. Angel explains that he's from Wolfram & Hart. The butler looks questioningly at Spicule, who adds, "I'm his date." Angel makes an exasperated face while the butler explains that Hainsley is with a customer, and doesn't like to be interrupted. Angel says he doesn't care, and orders the butler to interrupt. "As you wish," says the butler, and exits. Does the butler understand that his boss's orders are more important than those of random visitors? Spicule looks around and starts carping about "life among the power elite" and how Angel hasn't busted any heads yet. Does he ever stop talking? Shut up, Spicule! Where's Wesley? Why can't Wesley be talking? I repent! Angel says he's "hoping to avoid a body count," and with that, Spicule notices something in the next room.

Angel and Spicule enter a large room that is full of bodies, dressed and posed in a "lifelike" manner. Angel turns the lights up and observes, "It's a showroom." It's a shame that the people don't have big price tags on their backs, with lists of optional extras. Also, there's a shot here where Angel's hair appears to lift up in a beautiful four-inch-high puff. I think it looks that way because his head is a little below the camera level. At least, I hope and pray that's why it looks that way.

Meanwhile, there's a girl lying on a table, which is centered over a pentagram. The girl's top is open to show off her abs. Standing over her is a guy who will, of course, turn out to be Magnus Hainsley. He's played by Victor Raider-Wexler, who may be nearing Hey! It's That Guy! status. I mean, look at all of his credits. He was on The Tick, too. There's some Tuvan throat-singing as Hainsley makes gestures above the girl's torso. Then we hear someone talking about how he considered getting an older body. The camera slowly turns around to reveal a kinda cool charred-looking demon standing in the corner, although his voice gives me some slight Merl flashbacks. The demon chatters on: "But in the end I...I went with pretty. I suppose we all do, in the end, don't we? You know, in the end. Pretty people just seem to have it so much --" Hainsley suddenly plunges his hand into the woman's stomach. Is he reaching through her belly-button? Ew. Hainsley stretches his left arm toward the demon, who jerks and notes, "That's feelin' a little weird." Orange glowiness travels out of the demon, into Hainsley's arm, and then through Hainsley and down into the girl's body. Suddenly the butler says, "There are some more men from Wolfram & Hart asking to see you. They seem rather adamant." Hainsley looks up long enough to say, "Kill them," and turns back to his work. The butler seems cool with that. So is it a new trend where the episode's villain isn't even mentioned until midway through the second act? That's fine in itself; it'd actually be a kind of interesting way to approach stories. I just hope that eventually they find something interesting to do in the first act.

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