Lonely Hearts

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Lonely Hearts

Angel is sitting alone in a dark room, sucking on his index finger, moping, not unlike Batman in Batman Forever. The lights come on and Doyle enters the room. Quoth Doyle "It's Friday night; it's the most social night of the week!" And so on and so forth. Angel suggests that if Doyle wants to ask Cordelia out, he should just do so. Doyle hedges, and asks Angel to talk him up to Cordy: "But whatever you do, don't mention that me being [sic] half-demon, because women get a little funny about that." I have nothing to say about my ex at this point. Really. Enter Cordelia, with business cards. Which they all insist on referring to as "calling cards" as if we're in the nineteenth century. Insert cutesy confusion as to what exactly the graphic on the cards represents. "A butterfly?" guesses Angel. Doyle thinks it's an owl. Cordelia points out that it's actually an angel, duh. "So obvious and yet so clever on so many levels," says Doyle. Cordelia, rightfully irritated, swats at Doyle, who doubles over in pain. Uh oh, he's having one of his visions. He sees completely random, incoherent images of a bar/dance club. It's "one of those terminally stuck in the 80s places."

Cut to the bar in question. I don't go to bars much, so I have no idea why this one seems particularly stuck in the 80s. A blonde at the bar is approached by a guy in a jacket-'n'-t-shirt ensemble. They exchange names (Kevin, Sharon) and shake hands. As the music throbs, the guy says, "God I really hate places like this...don't you?" The music and ominous camera work lead us to believe that the guy is even more evil than your average guy in a singles bar.

Credits. Okay, the rockin' cello is pretty cool.

Still at the bar. Kevin and Sharon say that when they were young it was easy to meet their people, but now it turns out you have to go to skanky bars to meet your ideal complement. What. Ever. As they exchange platitudes, Cordy, Doyle, and Angel enter the club. Cordelia is wearing some kind of red spaghetti-strapped tube-top thing that makes me feel old. Doyle is wearing his customary brown leather jacket and Pacey-esque loud shirt. Angel is wearing his customary black leather jacket and dark t-shirt. How many cows died for this show? Their plan is to look for "someone who might be in trouble" (Angel's suggestion) or "someone who might be about to cause it" (Doyle's suggestion). Cordy hands a pack of business cards to Angel and she and Angel go their separate ways. Doyle leans back against a pillar.

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