Lonely Hearts

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Lonely Hearts

Angel asks the bartender if anything "unusual" has happened, but the bartender reassures him that "the real hot women don't mosey in 'till around 11." Angel looks stupefied. More than usual, I mean.

Yes, he said "mosey."

Cordy passes out business cards to everyone in the bar: "Hey, you look troubled...or is that just your lazy eye?" Heh. Doyle intervenes, and points out that given her pitch, Angel could be taken as a vigilante for hire. Cordy says she is "an actress, a student of the human animal. I don't have to talk to people to know their story." She points to various people at the club and identifies their motivations. Of a guy on the dance floor: "Jazz hands, over there? Mama's boy. Peter Pan complex." She gestures to a girl: "Self absorbed closet-dud with a big old the-world-owes-me chip on her shoulder." (So help me, the girl looks like Amaya on The Real World.) Then Cordelia points to "Sarah, plain and tall." Why, it's Sharon from the teaser, leaving the bar with Kevin in tow. Cordy speculates that she must be rich to have snagged the "Calvin Klein model she's leaving with." For the record, Sharon's attractive and wouldn't need money to get the attention of some lame-oid in a bar, okay? I know it's TV-world and all, but I feel the need to point that out. Anyway, Doyle is impressed, sorta, but points out that they should be trying to find someone who is in trouble now. Cordelia asks how Angel is doing in their search.

Cut to Angel at the bar, as a very similarly clad gentleman walks away from him. Quoth Angel, nervously: "Seriously...I wasn't hitting on you." Hee. Angel leans back against the bar despondently and a girl nearby looks at him and asks if he's okay. She explains, "You just looked...bad. I mean, you don't look bad; you look very nice." The writers of this show seem determined to impress upon us that David Boreanaz is an attractive man. Okay, I admit it, he's not exactly unattractive. Enough. ["I will never admit that. He's butt." Wing Chun] Anyway, Angel introduces himself, and the girl says her name is Kate. They chit-chat. Kate says, "I prefer those cool bars that are hard to get into, but I can't get into them." Angel says he's just "looking for someone to...rescue?" I must repeat that Boreanaz does a good job of making Angel's pathetic social skills sort of endearing and funny. Kate says this is "the strangest line [she's] gonna hear tonight." Angel is awkward and embarrassed and tries to explain that it wasn't a line. Kate apologizes and says that she doesn't need rescuing. Then she goes on, and we gather that she's lonely and insecure. She says she comes to this bar most nights, because "how else are you going to meet somebody outside of work? It's this or...sit at home alone in the dark." I'd suggest Kate develop some hobbies if those are the only ways she can think of to fill her time. She asks Angel what he does, and he stumbles "Well, basically, I'm, uh, I help -- I'm a veterinarian." Heh.

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