Lonely Hearts

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Lonely Hearts

Doyle is doing shots as he tries to chat up Cordelia. Oh, he's a hard-drinking Irishman. How original. She criticizes the helpfulness of his "gift," pointing out that a vision of a bar isn't very helpful. "They should send you one of those self-destructing tapes, you know, that comes with a dossier." Then a frat boy in a shirt that looks like a test pattern comes up and asks if Cordy was the one handing out those cards. Turns out he just wants her phone number. Doyle doesn't like this. Cordy tells frat boy that the number on the card is for people who need their services. Frat boy says he "might be in need of a little service," and asks if Cordy charges by the hour. Doyle tries to intervene and says that Cordy is with him. Cordy denies this. Frat boy gets ruder.

Angel and Kate discuss Kate's trust issues. He asks what she wants, and she says she's "just trying to make a connection." More analytical chit-chat. Maybe Angel should become a therapist. Kate asks if Angel would like to go someplace "more quiet" with her, but he explains that he has to stay at the bar. Kate plays with her drink to hide the fact that she's embarrassed about being shot down. Aw, poor Kate.

As Doyle insists that he doesn't want any trouble, frat boy is joined by frat boy #2. Frat boy #1 says that Cordy is a hooker and Doyle is her pimp. Cordy is incensed. Doyle tries to calm things down, saying "violence is not going to solve a thing." Then he headbutts frat boy #1, and quips, "On the other hand, it's kind of festive." A melée ensues. Oh, sorry, he's a hard-drinking, hard-fighting Irishman. I guess since Joss has given up on the vampires-hate-daylight stereotype, he's allowed to use the drunken-brawling-Irish one.

Angel and the bartender join in the rowdiness and the frat boys are defeated. A redhead starts chatting with Angel. The redhead says, "It's meeting over a bar fight," as if that happened years in the past rather than five minutes ago. "Isn't it great when two people make a connection?" she continues. Kate watches from afar.

Sharon and Kevin (remember them?) are in bed. There's a shadow falling over Sharon's face that makes her face look really strange. Sharon says she should leave. Kevin says he'd just like to hold her, although from the way he's holding her it looks like he actually wants to cop a feel.

Angel says, "I'm having a hard time believing that Doyle's vision meant that I was supposed to come here and break up a bar fight." Particularly when if they hadn't come, the fight wouldn't have happened. Blah, blah, blah. They leave the bar, and we get our first blipvert of the evening.

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