Long Day's Journey

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Gwen fiddles with switches in the control room. The cameras didn't record anything, and she checks the logs to find out why. Cordy pulls Angel aside to say, "You have to talk to him." Angel says, "Gunn? I just did." Cordy gripes, "Connor, you dolt, and you know who I meant, so why push my buttons?" Angel sort of seductively sneers, "Maybe because it's nice to make you crazy for a change." I don't think that was supposed to sound seductive. But it did. Maybe it was because he was whispering. Gwen announces that the power was cut about ten minutes before Angel and Cordy started their shift. She makes it sound like all the power to the entire block was cut, which makes me wonder why her control room has power. And why the lights are on. Whatever. Gwen says it was an inside job. Cordy says, "Funny how you were inside at the time." Angel puts a stop to the impending catfight by quietly saying, "Let's just focus on the guy trying to blot out the sun, and we'll point fingers later." Hee. I hope that was meant to be funny.

Sewer-vert. Everyone reunites at the Hyperion. Cary updates Angel about their research: "Looks like there's some assembly required." Wow. If you don't let Cary say the episode title, he starts working in titles from completely different shows. Sneaky. Cary shows them an illustration of the gadget Satan is building: a little orb with a winged base. He says, "Turns out these three pieces were inside the totems." Angel asks what Satan took from the other two totems, and Cary says that Satan "sucked the energy out of the little girl, and he ripped the heart out of the shaman, but what's not clear is how he's gonna use 'em." Gwen says that if the base of the gadget is metal, she can melt it. Cordy brings everyone down by pointing out that they don't know where Satan will perform the ritual. Gunn adds to the gloom by saying that they still don't have a way to defeat Satan. As if that's not bad enough, Wesley won't shut up. He says that he and Fred have an idea: send Satan into a portal. Gunn amps up his sulking, but Angel approves of the plan.

Fred goes over to talk to Gunn, who's grabbing weapons. Gunn thought they should have learned their lesson about portals already. Fred insists that she and Wesley think it'll work. Gunn says, "I know, but I don't gotta like it." I have to say, if Gunn really objects to using a portal because it's got unpleasant personal associations for him, he's nuts. He got electrocuted, as they keep reminding us, but he's not refusing to go near lamps ever again. Gunn rejoins the others as they suit up to go find Satan. Then Cordy turns around and gasps in horror upon realizing how annoying she's become. Oh wait, no; she's having a vision. Dead bodies in period clothes. Satan stands over them. The end. She tells Angel that she saw more of her earlier vision, and describes it, but with a lot more redundancy than I used. Angel asks if she could hear what Satan was saying. Cordy says, "No, but whoever he was talking to -- they felt familiar. Like someone I know." Angel sighs, "Connor." Cordy says it's time to talk to the kid, adding, "If nothing else, he's our best chance at finding the Beast." Gunn makes up for his portal snit by refraining from jumping up and down yelling, "What have I been saying all this time?"

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