Long Day's Journey

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

In Cordy's vision, Satan says, "Join with me!" The camera whips around so that we can see Angelus. In period costume. With the long hair. Oh please, please, please let this be after he lost the accent.

In the loft, Satan says, "Angelus..."

Cordy-vert. She mutters, "The answer is among you."

The MoG look bewildered. Although that may be their resting state. Satan bends over to pick up the orb. From the setting that it was knocked out of earlier. Wuh? I guess he put it back in after it landed at his feet. Satan puts the orb in his mouth and then looks at them like, "What? I was hungry! Do you mind not staring? Jeez, how rude!" Satan says, "We'll meet again. Soon." Then he strikes a Superman pose and starts to launch himself to somewhere. I guess he jumps through the window. Wesley observes that the sun is gone. I thought we covered that a minute ago, Wesley.

Down on the street, it is effectively night. Is this all because I made fun of the unending nights they seemed to have on Angel? Does that mean this is a shout-out? Probably not. The MoG stumble out of the building. Cordy hurries up to Angel and declares, "We have to talk." Again? She says she's figured it out, but Angel says, "So have I. It knows me." Cordy says no: Satan knows Angelus. She explains that she wasn't having visions; she was remembering things from when she was on the higher plane and saw Angel's past. She says, "Since I've been back, my memory's been fading, until the Powers decided to jog it, I guess." She sums up the vision, and Connor snarls at Angel, "You knew this thing and you didn't tell us?" Angel, exasperated, says, "I couldn't come up against something like that and not remember!" Cordy says, "Like you remember falling asleep before Manny got killed?" "What?" Angel and I say. Gwen nods, "An inside job." Angel snaps, "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means you're a suspect," Wesley chirps. He's striking a pose up on the loading dock, so that he'll seem more authoritative as he says, "This Beast may have some sort of power over you. To make you do things. To make you forget." Cordy adds that she thinks that everything Satan's done so far is just part of a larger plan. Angel says, "I don't know what to tell any of you, because I don't know what the plan is!" Wesley says, "No, but Angelus might." Guh? Wesley guarantees himself a spot in next week's previouslys by saying, "There's only one way to defeat this Beast. We need Angelus." Angel glares at the camera, thinking, "If I'm evil, I might kill Cordelia! But there's probably a down side I'm not thinking of."

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