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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Cut oil field? How odd. Gwen -- her hair back into a look I'd describe as "a mess" -- meets with her client, Mr. Ashet. He's wearing a dashiki and sunglasses, even though it's night. I thought Cordy was the one with visions in her head. Apparently, he's asked Gwen to do steal some protective amulets for him, which is she is respectfully declining to do. Mr. Ashet removes his sunglasses so she can admire his spiffy yellow eyes. Gwen says that she is "very respectfully going on vacation. To Tahiti." Mr. Ashet asks if she knows who he is, or about "the dire portents of recent events." "I know enough to go to Tahiti," Gwen nervously replies. Mr. Ashet seems to like that, and says "perhaps then [he] won't kill [her] for her -- aargh!" Because that's when Satan plunges a hand through Mr. Ashet's torso. He uses his other hand to knock Gwen across the field. Lucky for her there aren't any walls nearby. From a distance, Gwen sees Mr. Ashet collapse as light streams out of the hole in his chest. Satan leans over the body and pulls a wing-shaped dingus out of it. Gwen stands up and strips off a glove, readying her electro-powers. But Satan's gone.

Credits. And the introduction of a new feature in these recaps, called "crazy David Boreanaz quotes." There's a lot to choose from. But to start things out on a philosophical note, I'm going to go with: "I think people are interesting for who they are, not what they represent, because that transcends itself." Indeed it does, David. Indeed it does.

Loft of Lubricity. Connor sits at the window listening to sirens in the distance as Cordelia awakes from the bed she's made on the floor. Someone named "Michael Chinyamurindi" is in this episode. Or was, if he played Mr. Ashet. That is one hell of a name. I salute you, sir. Cordy notes that the sirens are becoming more frequent. It's Los Angeles. So does she mean they're constant now? She adds that she dreamt she heard screams last night, and Connor reassures her that she wasn't dreaming. Cordy tells him for the five thousandth time that it's not his fault. Her hair is mostly back to brunette now, which is nice. And I like her haircut. I like the long hair more, but this is fine, too. And she's wearing a really odd shirt with a lot of strange cut-outs or loops or something. So I think that's another sign that she's gradually getting back to normal. Connor wants to go to the Hyperion and check in. Cordy nonchalantly suggests that they just stay where they are, and then whines that she'd have taken the bed if she'd known Connor wasn't going to sleep in it. How does she know that he didn't just get up before she did? Well, it's just set up for Connor to say, "I didn't want to sleep there without you." Cordy mutters, "Oh boy," as she gets up. Connor reminds her that he has super-hearing. She ignores him and says she's going to wash up, so I guess they have established some kind of bathroom in the building. Connor pops over to hand her a towel, and reminds her that he has super-speed as well. Then he asks if she's been refusing to take him to the Hyperion because the MoG think he's connected to Satan. Why does Connor need Cordy to take him there? Can't he go on his own? Cordy finally admits, "Angel knows [that] we slept together." Connor sits down and starts super-sulking as Cordy elaborates, "With his super-smelling and super-Tom-peeping and I don't even know what else." Connor says that they didn't do anything wrong, but Cordy says, "We hurt him. That's enough." And then there's a sudden flash and Cordy sees Satan on a barren set, saying something inaudible. Connor asks what she saw, and Cordy just stammers, "Nothing. I -- I have to see Angel." She starts to put shoes on as Connor whines, "How do you know I'll be here when you get back? Aren't you afraid I'm gonna run off and join the demon?" That's different from threatening to join the circus, at least. Connor says that she trusts Connor as she hurries out.

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