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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Whip-cut to Gunn at the Hyperion, saying, "I don't trust him." Gunn and Fred are arguing about whether or not Connor is connected to Satan. I think "connected to Satan" and "thrown into a wall" are my macros for the season. Fred isn't sure they should believe what the spooky little girl said about the answer being among them. She says, "That little girl was evil -- I felt it." Fred can sense evil now. You know what she can't do? Yeah. Gunn points out that Connor has encountered Satan twice without getting killed, which he seems to think is suspicious. From the office doorway, Wesley points out that the same is true of most of them. Gunn replies that Satan didn't first appear in their birthplace. Wesley says that according to his "sources" (whatever), "without the little girl, the earthly contingent of Wolfram & Hart is cut off from the Senior Partners." Really? Well, how lame are the Senior Partners, then? He hands Fred a book and expositions that little girl was actually named Mesektet, and is one of five beings "linked to an embodiment of the ancient sun god, Ra." Ra! Sorry. It's a board game. You get to say "Ra!" a lot. It's fun. Fred hands the book over to Gunn as she invades Wesley's personal space to go on blathering about Ra for a while. Gunn slaps the book into Wesley's chest and none-too-subtly puts his arms around Fred. Gunn, why do you even want her? I mean, really. We could be so much happier together. Wesley goes on about blah blah, shrouded in mystery, blah blah, totems with a mysterious purpose, blah blah researchcakes. Fred scampers behind the front desk to look things up and asks Gunn to go upstairs and tell Angel the news. Gunn isn't keen on interrupting Angel, and says, "Don't know why we're bothering with the rah-rah's anyway. 'The answer is among you.'" (Ra!)

Cary enters and announces that Satan's killed someone else. The victim was a "high and mighty white-magic shaman type," and Satan ripped her heart out. Wesley says, "The MO doesn't match," and reminds the troops that Mesektet had black ink sucked out of her. The what doesn't what? Dear Wesley: So far Satan has set his victims on fire, thrown them into walls, gored them, and removed their heads. He's not a serial killer who has to use the same method every time. Plus, apart from Mesektet and maybe Judd Winick, most people aren't full of the black ink of evil, so I'm not sure how often you expect Satan to use that particular method. Signed, People With Brains. P.S. Shut up. Fred asks if the woman's name was Ma'at. Cary says it sure wa'as, and Fred says that Ma'at is another of Ra's totems. (Ra!) Gunn says that Satan is killing the totems, but Wesley says they can't assume it's significant that Satan happens to have specifically sought out and killed two members of a mystical group of beings in rather unusual ways when thousands of other people have been collateral damage. Because she's an idiot, Fred agrees, "Two points --" "Make a line, not a pattern," Wesley finishes. Gunn glares at them for finishing each other's sentences. I glare at them for being so stupid and failing to shut up.

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