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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Then Cordy enters and says, "Hi guys." Gunn greets her, and then Cordy looks at Wesley and jumpily says, "I gotta go see Angel," before quickly heading upstairs. It's unclear if her odd stiffness is due to seeing Wesley, or if it just seemed that way from the way the camera panned across them. Although if she is avoiding Wesley, I can certainly understand why. Gunn says, "I told you Connor can't be trusted -- look how weird he's made her!"

Angel's room is littered with books and sketches of Satan. Cordy knocks on the door and calls, "I know I don't have to be invited in, but it is polite." Angel snaps, "Go away, Cordelia." Instead, she enters. Did they redecorate his room over the summer? It used to be more blue-gray, now it's purple. With recessed lighting. For some reason, I suspect Cary was responsible for this. Cordy sits down while Angel fidgets and avoids looking at her. She finally says, "I don't know where to start." Angel snaps, "Then skip to the end where you leave and we don't talk about it." He moves over to a table as Cordy asks if he wants to know how Connor is. Angel grumbles that he doesn't want to hear a progress report. Now he's wearing a black hooded sweatshirt over his gray t-shirt. I don't know if that's more weird or less weird. Maybe Cordy him some new clothes to him to apologize, because it worked so well on her. That'd be funny. Cordy says that Connor's afraid Angel thinks Connor is connected to Satan. Got that? Angel notes, "It does tend to show up whenever he's around." Cordy gripes, "Like father, like son. The two of you have cornered the market on teenage snits." Hee. She asks Angel to stop being angry at her. Angel slams the table and shouts, "How about you stop pretending to give a damn about my feelings?" That made me clap. Not that it was that amazing, but it's so exciting when Angel shows some emotion! Sadly, Cordy can't really hold up her end of the scene, because she's saddled with lines like, "I do give a damn. In fact, I give a whole lot of damn." Ow. That's just awful. Poor Charisma Carpenter. She tells Angel, "Get over it." She starts describe her vision, but Angel isn't ready to give up on emoting quite yet. He paces back and forth as he rants, "'Get over it'? Why didn't I think about that, hm? It's so simple!" Cordy reaches her hand out toward him, and he grabs her wrist with an audible thwack. And glares! I really like him when he's angry like this. And not quipping. It's refreshing. Less refreshing is Cordy's speech about how Angel has to get past it because they need him to save the world and whatever. He finally lets her talk about the vision she had, except it turns out that she can't say much about it. She was listening to Satan, but she doesn't know if it was the past or the future, or what Satan said, or whom he was talking to. Very helpful. Thanks, Cordy, I can see why you rushed over with that bulletin. Which is basically what Angel says. Cordy points out that at least they know that The Powers That Be are still communicating with her. She finishes by telling Angel, "You're the leader. So lead."

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