Long Day's Journey

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Blipvert back to the Hyperion, as Angel, Gwen, and Manny arrive. Angel asks if there have been any Satanic sightings, and Gunn says no: "We've just been wasting time, trying to find ways to kill him. Which, by the way, there aren't any [sic]." Manny is introduced to the rest of the MoG, and Cary asks what happened to Semkhet. Gwen says, "Somebody already ripped out the toy surprise." Manny sums up Satan's intentions: "To blot out the sun for all of eternity. You guys got a john?" He heads for the bathroom, pausing to grab a couple sections of the newspaper on this way. Cordy asks, "Why did the smelly, yucky man say that? He's joking, right?" Angel explains that Satan can do a ritual to "turn day into night" and drive up everyone's utility bills. Wesley says, "As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck." That was odd. I guess Lilah's speech patterns rubbed off on him a little. Angel wants to protect Manny until they can find a way to defeat Satan. Gunn suggests keeping Manny in the kitchen's meat-locker, because it's a contained area. Wesley sniffs, "Brilliant. Let's store the one thing that'll stave off perpetual darkness in the home of the only people we're sure the demon knows." Wesley, if you want to make snide comments, you should find a more concise way of speaking. The insult doesn't work very well if people stop paying attention halfway through. Gunn, irritated, asks, "You got a better idea, Einstein?" See, that wasn't much of a comeback, but at least it was brief. Wesley doesn't, of course. But Gwen does. Cordy starts some pre-emptive whining about how it'll be a "nondescript tenement downtown with discarded boxes in the stairwells and peeling plaster and --"

Cut to a tenement building, where Manny, Gunn, Angel, Gwen, and Cordy are in a stairwell littered with discarded boxes, and so on. Cordy finishes her line, "-- the faint odor of dead people," leading me to wonder if she spent the whole trip listing unpleasant descriptions. That must have been tiresome. Angel snaps that Cordy didn't have to come, and Cordy whines that she might have a vision. Gunn is still having a private hissyfit about Fred and Wesley researching back at the hotel "with the symbolic manifestos and the 'Brilliant!'" Manny says that research won't help them: "Real juju takes place on the Q.T." Verily. What? Gunn asks why Manny isn't "all mighty and colossal" if he's such a powerful totem. Manny explains, "The midday totem is man, the neutral totem, the potential of every human soul." Mere Smith did research, y'know. The gang approaches a door as Manny adds that he is immortal, unless he's ritually murdered. As Gwen zaps the door lock, Cordy says that if he's going to be ritually murdered, it'll probably be "in a hellhole--"

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