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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

"-- like this?" Cordy finishes, as they step into a lavishly decorated suite of rooms. Cordy is channeling the ironic segue fairy in this episode. Poor, poor Cordy. Gwen shows them in and explains that her butler is already in Tahiti (aw, no Clarice), so she's going to have to try to find the kitchen on her own. Because it's a big apartment, see. Angel sidles over to Cordy and quietly explains that the Axis of Pythia he used to locate Cordy was worth $33 million. He adds, "I gave it back to Gwen when I was done." Wow, lots of implied messages there, like "I did all this work to find you" and "That girl there is pretty and rich" and the "I gave her a very nice present." He's really doing everything he can to vex Cordelia. Good job, Angel.

Gwen leads everyone into a library, then opens a secret panel by moving a book. She explains, "I never pass up a good cliché." Oh Gwen, we knew that already, really. Behind the panel is a heavy steel door, which she opens by zapping a panel. She explains that this is her very own panic room. Manny steps inside as the others divide into shifts. Gwen tries to share guard duty with Angel, but Cordy says they should put "one superpower per shift." Isn't Cordelia chock full of glowy superpowers herself? Or did she lose them, since they didn't protect her from Satan before? It would be nice if the characters wondered about that that at some point. Gwen says, "I'll take Denzel." Gunn corrects her, while appreciating the "freakishly accurate comparison," then reminds her to keep her hands to herself. Angel and Cordy wander off to rest for a few hours, although Gwen didn't show them where the bedrooms are, so maybe they're just planning to crash in the foyer. Manny leans out to ask Gwen, "I don't suppose this joint's got Skinemax?" Gwen silently seals the door. I'm only quoting that because they're Manny's last words. Not to give anything away.

Near the end of their shift, Gwen is winding up the story of her life. Gunn is just as enthralled as anyone would be. Which means he's staring blankly into space. Gwen says, "Something tells me [that] my origin story isn't enough to fascinate you." Heh. She complains that she's already apologized for killing him, saying, "What more do you want, a wake?" I like how annoyed she is that Gunn might be resentful about getting killed. Gunn says it's not that, and Gwen improbably guesses that Gunn's upset about Wesley. Because she's a master of reading body language or something -- whatever. Anyway, she's surprised to hear that there's trouble in pancake-land, but Gunn doesn't want to talk about it. Angel and Cordy arrive for their shift. Gunn says that they just gave Manny some magazines. Gwen adds, "Swimsuit edition. He's occupied." Gwen leads Gunn off, and does offer to show him where the beds are. Both Cordy and Angel are carrying beverages. Cordy sits down and notes that maybe spending some time alone together will be good for them. Angel shoves his chair a little further away and then sits down, hunched over. "Maybe we should talk," Cordy offers. Angel pulls a table up to use as a footstool, sits back, and says, "Maybe we shouldn't." As he sips a big glass of Strawberry Quik, Cordy agrees. They stare into space. Fade out.

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