Long Day's Journey

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me!

Suddenly, Gunn and Gwen are shaking Cordy and Angel awake. Somewhat bewildered, they all rush to the panic room and open the door. We see a lot of blood splattered on the walls. "It got him," Angel observes. "Ya think?" Cordy replies. Gwen is probably wondering if Clarice will come back from Tahiti to clean up this mess. And Gunn is thinking "A locked-room mystery? Do we do those?"

After the ads, Gwen is fretting about the amount of blood and guts in the panic room, saying it couldn't have all come out of Manny. Angel enters the library and says that Satan was looking for something. Gunn asks what makes Angel so sure. Angel holds up Manny's hat, the crown of which is ripped out, and explains, "Because it emptied out his head to find it." Gwen remembers that Manny described himself as an "orb-keeper," so it seems logical to suppose that he...well, kept an orb. "In his head?" Cordy sniffs. "Where do you keep yours?" Gwen asks. Heh. Again, not the cleverest comeback, really, but nice delivery on that one. Angel turns and agrees with Gwen, then asks why she said that someone had removed "the toy surprise" from Semkhet. Gwen "oops"es. Angel advances on her, as he says that Satan is removing something from the totems, and Gwen knew about it. Gwen admits that Satan pulled "a little metal boxy thing" out of Mr. Ashet. As the others look at her suspiciously, she explains that she thought the box might be valuable, and she's a thief, so she kept it to herself. I don't think her explanation makes a lot of sense, assuming it's supposed to, but on the other hand, the situations on this show are so insane that it's hard to decide what constitutes rational behavior. You can't get very far in a sentence that starts, "If I were a sexy yet troubled cat burglar with electro-powers and I was trying to help a vampire prevent Satan from turning the sun out..." before giving up. Cordy moves on, sort of, by noting that there's no way Satan found them, "spiked the drinks we made ourselves, snuck through this unreasonably large apartment on the tippy-toes of his cloven feet, found the panic room, and killed poor Manny unseen and unheard." Gunn goes back to his "answer is among you" suspicions of Connor. Angel asks if Cordy told Connor where they were. Cordy snaps, "He doesn't have a phone." Gunn says Connor could have tracked them. Angel says he'd have smelled Connor. "Same way you smelled whatever it was spiking your blood?" Gunn asks. Gwen remembers that there are security cameras throughout the apartment. She heads out of the room. Angel asks Gunn to call the Hyperion and let Fred and Wesley know about the new developments. Gunn asks, "About Connor..." Angel says they'll check it out "like we do every other lead."

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